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Des M. Astor
Des M. Astor
Greetings Bats!
I’ve decided to switch my newsletter to this platform and see how it goes. If you’re interested in worldbuilding tips and updates on my worlds, feel free to keep on following me!
I’ll be posting blog reminders for those who might miss my posts.
For now, enjoy this image of my covers!
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Current updates:
If you’re someone who enjoys reading erotica, you might be interested in grabbing an ARC of my novella anthology, Deep Dark Desires! The link is here! I appreciate the reviews! You can find the goodreads link here!
I shared fun facts about my characters in my newsletter, here’s the coagulated listing for those who enjoy it! More to come in future issues.
Sam Viper
  1. “When Sam wakes up, there’s a 75% chance that she will choose violence.”
  2. “Sam isn’t the best at flight, but she tries. She’s crashed into about 14 buildings, and counting.”
  3. “Sam will donate some of her scales to magical potions when asked by Darcia, and these can take a few weeks to grow back, like nails.”
  4. “Sam is very in-the-know when it comes to serpent gossip, which is actually rather intricate.”
  5. “Sam’s favorite food is raw steak with a side of vampire hearts, but she’s a huge fan of dark chocolate as well.”
  6. “Neither Sam nor Leviathan are the last dragons. Rumor has it, there’s a hidden city of dragons yet to be revealed since humans took the planet that has remained hidden through the vampire wars. Investigation on this matter is currently underway.”
  7. “Sam’s favorite movie is in fact ‘How to Train your Dragon’, however she relates the most to Hookfang.”
  8. “Prior to sealing her relationship with Goliath, Sam has set a few flowers offered to her by the vampire on fire without remorse. Sure, she feels bad nowadays, but Goliath will poke fun at her for it.”
Darcia Deville
  1. “Darcia is slightly more diplomatic than Goliath, Smoke, or Sam, but has no qualms abandoning that for violence if people are being unreasonable.”
  2. “Darcia enjoys documentaries on magical and non-magical fauna. Prior to the vampire wars, she received a PHD in biology, and connects to other professors in that subject very well.”
  3. “Darcia secretly always wanted to fly, and has now gotten the chance while riding on Sam’s back when Sam is in dragon form. That, and many days following, was glorious for her.”
  4. “Darcia never really cared too much about the conflict between vampires and shifters, but was well aware of it and wary of vampires as a result of their history.”
  5. “Sometimes, Darcia will curl up by the fire with a good book and her lover, Smoke, who she will read aloud to. He can read, of course, but enjoys the sound of her voice.”
  6. “Darcia has several shirts of a certain Tasmanian Devil cartoon character. It’s her favorite!”
  7. “Dr. Darcia Deville will often join other Biology professors in research, and has several ongoing research projects connected to Cobratongue University, Elapid City’s magical college.”
Goliath Elapid
  1. “Despite formerly being rather aggressive, Goliath nowadays is called a ‘puppy with vampire teeth’ from time to time by allies in a joking manner.”
  2. “Goliath has engaged in a friendly brawl with Ares, though neither vampire was deemed victorious and both had to stop before the wounds became too deep.”
  3. “Goliath has gifted Sam some resident ball pythons, which he engages in conversation from time to time within the castle.”
  4. “Goliath is actually rather shy and awkward when compared to other vampires, often pretending to know what he’s doing when in reality he’s just stumbling along in confusion when in social situations.”
  5. “Due to drinking so many dragons in his lifetime, Goliath now has a temporary dragonic form that looks to be an onyx-scaled version of Sam in her dragon form.”
  6. “Though he was the bane of dragons, Goliath is fascinated by their culture and hopes to someday atone for the actions demanded of him by his father.”
  7. “Goliath often gets his top hat stolen by Sam. His lover is the only one he will actively allow to take and keep it, as it’s considered his crown.”
  8. “Goliath has striking resemblance to his late grandfather, Dracula.”
Ares Arachnida
  1. “Despite being a vampire and having relatively fair skin, meaning he is prone to severe sunburn, Ares enjoys going to the beach. He’ll at least do so during the night, but only sometimes.”
  2. “In the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, Ares plays a hunter, and his trusty guardian is a Devilsaur named ‘Forktail’.”
  3. “Ares treats Dungeons & Dragons like sports, going as far as to shout in happiness for nat20, and howl in frustration at nat1. Including if it involves not him, but players in his group he is cheering on.”
  4. “Ares is a protagonist with ADHD, quite like the writer of the series.”
  5. “Like the crow he shifts into, Ares loves collecting shiny things. This can involve gemstones, pretty shells, or intricate glass sculptures.”
  6. “Despite how powerful he is, Ares has been frightened by the supernatural before, like wandering spirits in the forest. They will, at times, harmlessly prank him, which is karma against his own pranking behavior.”
  7. “At the ‘clubhouse’, a few years after Elapid City was deemed safe, Ares adopted several animals such as bearded dragons and cats. The vampire gang takes great care of these rescues, and the atmosphere in the clubhouse is even warmer due to their presence.”
Robert Smoke
  1. “The reason why many vampires will make a comment on Smoke being a ‘powerful youngling’ is that he has a very high magical potential that might be explored as the years pass.”
  2. “Smoke still feels very guilty for his past, though handles this well through constant reassurance by Darcia.”
  3. “Smoke adores the paranormal romance genre as much as he will constantly refuse to admit it. When Darcia reads books aloud to him, he will favor that genre.”
  4. “Smoke has been taught by Darcia that being vulnerable is alright, and he relies on her for quite a bit now when it comes to emotional stability, especially after what Dr. Astral put him through.”
  5. “Food no longer tastes the same to Smoke ever since he became a vampire. Some of his favorites, like various fruits, no longer taste as good. Creepily enough, he can get the same taste back if he consumes the blood of someone that recently ate it.”
  6. “For Halloween once, Smoke dressed up as a certain rat chef from a popular movie, with a tiny chef hat while he stood in Darcia’s hair. She, meanwhile, pretended to be her own version of ‘Linguini’.”
  7. “Smoke still deals with nightmares frequently. Despite how hard he tries to pretend it doesn’t bother him, he relies upon the support of his lover and friends to remain grounded. Fortunately, they’ve been there for him to calm him when he needs it.”
Cecelia Smoke
  1. “Cecelia will often have to remind Ares to put on sunscreen at the beach, because he’s far too eager to jump into the water and will forget.”
  2. “Cecelia adores playing video games with her lover even if she generally loses. However, the tides have been turning lately as she’s gotten better.”
  3. “Cecelia will unfortunately have flashbacks to her very traumatic past, and relies heavily upon Ares to calm her down. She doesn’t mind this vulnerability, as her lover handles it very well.”
  4. “Cecelia had no lovers prior to Ares due to her very complex past. It took her a long while (as seen in the series) to thaw enough and accept him.”
  5. “Cecelia adores playing Dungeons & Dragons with the vampire gang. Her paladin character has become quite powerful.”
  6. “Cecelia doesn’t mean to have such a cold gaze, however she often comes across as uptight like her brother.”
  7. “Cecelia has accepted polytheism, though is unsure which goddess she would choose to worship. She’s leaning toward Persephone, though has heard the goddess was slain at some point in far history.”
  8. “Cecelia loves cats! There are many rescue cats in the vampire gang’s clubhouse, several of which she has befriended and cuddles frequently.”

The Kingdoms of Blood (3 book series) Kindle Edition
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