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Introducing The NorthCast

Introducing The NorthCast
By TheNorthCast • Issue #1 • View online
I’m pleased to introduce TheNorthCast as a new home for my public chart analysis and commentary which I think will make the communication of charts and technical view much more effective for everyone interested.
Here’s why I’m doing this:
As most of you know I’ve been freely posting technical market charts on Twitter for years, but obviously there’s a character limit and I’ve found that often times charts get either misunderstood or misinterpreted.
It is for this reason that in recent months I’ve been posting little mini video clips on Twitter highlighting key technical chart observations across a variety of asset classes to offer a bit more depth and context.
I think these short & highly focused clips have been very helpful to better communicate these charts, but here too we have a limit on Twitter which is time, just over 2 minutes. While I don’t intent to post very lengthy videos I do find myself rushed to get all the key points across sometimes, hence this newsletter format will give me a bit more flexibility.
And finally, let’s face it, Twitter can be a very noisy place as our feeds can be very busy and filled with all kinds of news information & often times charts can be missed or seen too late. In addition searching for previous charts can be a frustrating and time consuming exercise.
What this format offers in this regard is twofold:
  1. Never miss content as, when subscribed, you get an automatic email notification when new content has been posted and you can always refer back to it.
  2. All the chart content will be easily accessible by title from the profile page of this newsletter, hence very convenient and quick to search.
Bottomline: Whether quick synopsis chart videos or a short focused chart description, or market observations, this newsletter will offer a distraction free home to charts and market commentary. My focus will be to offer clinical & objective technical analysis and offer subscribers additional perspectives perhaps not considered or found anywhere else. Finally I also am striving to make this an educational setting for we all can constantly learn and stay on top of what’s relevant in these markets.
On a final note: I’ll still be posting as usual on Twitter, I’m just moving charts & technical commentary to this format.
And to clarify: These chart observations in no form represent trade recommendations, these charts are focused on the analysis of technical pivots of control, be it resistance or support & emerging patterns.
Our specific market directional views, technical alerts and more in-depth market analyses continue to be found in Market Services and/or Market Videos on the NorthmanTrader website.
I hope you all will like this new format and will find it helpful in your own market journey.
You can subscribe for free via the form below.
Best Regards.
Sven Henrich


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Market analysis, technical charts & price pivots. Resistance/support levels. Education. Finding edges.

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