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This isn't your normal Email Newsletter where the writer writes content, sends it, and you maybe open it and read it.

Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle is a two-way street between writer and reader.

Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle is unique in that you as the reader can opt in to get email coaching included with the letter series.

As someone who is going through betrayal trauma and porn or sex addiction, you get support & guidance in your recovery every step of the way!

Email Coaching? What does that entail?

  • Email access to me, Savannah Esposito, Monday-Friday until 8pm EST so that if you have any questions, want feedback, need support, you can always email me!
  • Emails are unlimited, as in you can email as much as you’d like and I'll respond!
  • I personally read and respond to each of your questions with answers that are relevant to your specific situation. You get personalized coaching, not generic responses.
  • Email responses can be anywhere from within 1 hour to within 48 hours.
  • PLUS 1 individual video coaching session per month!

Email Coaching is best for those that are:

  • Not always in a location where discussing personal issues is a good idea (like work, kids are around, spouse is around and you want to process something privately)
  • Travelling a lot or have a demanding schedule/job (like a doctor, lawyer, police officer)
  • With email coaching, there’s no scheduling needed. You’re free to send me your questions when they come up, even if it’s 1AM.
  • Email Coaching is an affordable alternative to traditional in person or video call coaching.
  • Into taking time to process. Email coaching can be amazing because there is no pressure to answer on the spot and you can take the time to reflect and compose yourself before responding
  • Struggling with journaling and processing. Email coaching can be AMAZING as email coaching can mimic the journaling process, and journaling is a key component in recovery, so you knock out 2 birds with 1 stone!
  • If you like knowing you have access to the coach every day of the week and can be in contact with them as much as you would like to be.

Not only do you get email coaching, but you get to write back, request topics, share your perspective, give feedback to the letter series.

So one day you might just get in your inbox a letter on the topic you requested!

Letters will be sent out on Monday mornings, as you are drinking your morning coffee or tea, where you will read about topics in psychology, sex addiction, betrayal trauma, and how to save a marriage.

In Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle, you get personal with Savannah in that she shares her heart, life lessons, and knowledge with you unfiltered.

You get the hard truths, you get the realities, and challenges.

Each month Savannah alternate's between having her recovered husband and her co-coach at The Mod answer readers questions. You can Ask Jak & Ask Chloe and get information from the source of those who have made it!

You can Ask Jak questions on his recovery from porn, video games, and intimacy anorexia to get the male/addicts perspective on varying subjects in recovery.

You can Ask Chloe questions on sex in recovery, sex in addiction, sex when you're recovered, really ask her anything about sex. Our clients LOVE getting all the amazing knowledge Chloe has to offer to help them reconstruct a new and healthy sex life.

So, let's recap! You get:

  • Monday Letters in your inbox on psychology, sex and porn addiction, and betrayal trauma
  • Email Coaching with Savannah Esposito + 1 individual video coaching session
  • To ask Jak, a recovered addict, questions about how he made it every other month
  • To ask Chloe, a recovered betrayed partner, questions on her recovery and on her speciality in coaching, which is sex in recovery every other month

That's a hell of a lot of information, tools, and coaching!

I hope to go forward with you on this journey of self-development with you! Fill out the Email Coaching Interest Form and if it seems like a good fit, we will set up a call to discuss recovery goals and make sure this is the best recovery option for you!

$ 7 per month
  • Stay up to date
  • Be part of a community
  • Show your support

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