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What does Weather App and Pornhub have in common with your Data?

It's us millennial working professionals Christmas season really means "Office holiday party" season
What does Weather App and Pornhub have in common with your Data?
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It’s us millennial working professionals Christmas season really means “Office holiday party” season aka office prom, that time of year when we all get to see what everybody’s spouses and dates look like, and thinking “how the hell did he get her?”. Well, before you judge thy neighbor’s arm candy, consider using this opportunity to make a good impression with your boss for a pay raise in 2019. Let’s get into today’s top stories.

Gliding into the office holiday party
Gliding into the office holiday party
Top Stories
And then he said "...let there be Talc!"
And then he said "...let there be Talc!"
Chart of the week
Interesting Quick Hits
European countries to return stolen artifacts to Africa. “We’re going, going, back back to Africa!” French president just announced the restitution of African artifacts, including 26 objects from the Quai Branly Museum in Paris stolen by French colonials in 1892, to be returned to Benin. The British government in turn negotiated a deal to borrow Nigeria some of the artifacts it stole from the Kingdom of Benin during the colonial times. Meanwhile, Kenya is working with a German institution to identify all of its artifacts held in various European museums and get them to be returned back to Kenya.
Robinhood giveth, and Robinhood taketh away. Popular free stock trading app Robinhood, recently announced its new checking and savings accounts with no fees, while customers earn 3% annually on their savings. However, two days later, the company had to backtrack its statements as the announcement drew questions from federal regulators and investors about whether the program could adequately protect investor money. Basically, Robinhood, which is primarily a brokerage account, cannot double-dip consumers investment cash into a savings/checking account since it is not a bank. “Brokerages are meant for customers to hold cash until it can be invested in securities, and those accounts aren’t meant to be strictly for savings,” otherwise, your money may not be covered by the SIPC insurance if anything goes wrong.
Verizon offers voluntary severance to cut 10,000 workers. Verizon’s severance program offered up to 60 weeks of salary, bonuses and benefits, based on an employee’s length of service with the company. Initially offered to about 44,000 employees as a way to cut $10 billion in costs, however, only 10,400 employees decided to take the company on its offer.
The 2018 cryptocurrency hangover has led to mass layoffs. What goes up must eventually come down, and that is the story of the cryptocurrency hype of 2017-2018. As crypto coins have lost about 85% of its value in 2018, so has the companies whose core businesses depends on it. Blockchain firm ConsenSys announced cutting 13% of its staff, in hopes of overhauling its business model, while Steemit, a blockchain-based social network, recently laid off 70% of it staff. Bitcoin is down more than 80% from its $20,000 high, and the total market value of all cryptocurrency, has fallen 87% in 2018. Nvidia, a company which provides computing power for crypto companies have also lost about 50% of its value over the past couple months.
Companies mentioned YTD: Facebook -18%, Google 0%, IBM -22%, J&J -5%, Verizon +8%, Nvidia -25%.
Resources of the Week
50 Cent And Starz CEO Chris Albrecht Talk 'Power' And Finding Success In TV | 2018
50 Cent And Starz CEO Chris Albrecht Talk 'Power' And Finding Success In TV | 2018
  • Podcast: Macro outlook for Stocks on The Investors Podcast. In this episode, the hosts talk about the current market conditions for stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies. This podcast occasionally discuss billionaires and their journey to success.
  • Book: Still reading “The Obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday. So far, this book has been simple and very interesting to read. Discusses ways to improve your mental habits.
This weekend’s brief was written in my home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, while listening to “Shiroi” a hip-hop jazz album by Mansur Brown and “DiCaprio 2” a hip hop album by JID.
Thank you for reading through this weekend’s brief! Please share this brief with a friend, colleague or use it to impress your Tinder date. Have a great week ahead!
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