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The capitalist plan to save the planet through grocery items

The government shutdown is over, but for a limited time only (3 weeks budget y’all)! While the Congre
The capitalist plan to save the planet through grocery items
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The government shutdown is over, but for a limited time only (3 weeks budget y’all)! While the Congressional Budget Office reports that the shutdown cost the economy $3 billion. Meanwhile, Apple confirms that a bug in its device causes people to eavesdrop on your Facetime convos. Don’t FaceTime me bro, Feds’ listening!

when you just got invited to the elite hipster grocery club
when you just got invited to the elite hipster grocery club
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Companies huddle up in the grocery aisle to save the planet  - Imagine a future where the mail-man comes to your door, picks up your empty detergent bottle and deodorant stick, then refills and place back on your Brooklyn doorstep. Welcome to summer 2019! Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, PepsiCo, and Unilever are among 25 companies that will start selling some of its products in reusable containers designed to be returned, cleaned and refilled, as a way of reducing the paper and plastic waste around the world.
Unilever plans to start this initiative in NYC, Paris, and London in May, by selling nine of its household brands in reusable containers. It hopes that selling its Axe and Dove stick deodorants in a refillable steel container will last a consumer up to eight years, thereby eliminating the 100s of deodorant containers disposed of per person each year. PepsiCo will sell its Tropicana orange juice in a glass bottle and some of its Quaker cereal in a stainless-steel container. While P&G will sell its “Pantene shampoo in an aluminum bottle and Tide laundry detergent in a stainless-steel container.”
So how will this new eco-conscious wave all work out? - About 5,000 shoppers will be selected for the trial, then these shoppers will be able to order hundreds of products from the 25 companies through a website, and it is only for home delivery. Your products will arrive in a reusable tote. After the products have been consumed, you’d schedule a pickup for empty containers to be cleaned and refilled. All of this would be handled through a subscription-based service by TerraCycle, to clean the containers and replenish the products once empty containers are returned.
Although the products will cost roughly the same as the single-use versions currently in your neighborhood bodegas today, however, users will still have to “pay a deposit of $1-$10 per container. Shipping charges start at roughly $20.” Saving the planet ain’t free.
Chart of the week
the largest private employer in every state
the largest private employer in every state
In Case You Missed It
California and Tinder settle on date terms While you were swiping for #WinterBae this weekend, Tinder agreed to settle a $23 million class-action age discrimination lawsuit which was filed by California on behalf of over 230,000 users. The lawsuit alleged that Tinder charged people who are over 30 years old, twice the amount for its subscription services. Under the Settlement, “each person will be able to receive either $25 in cash, 25 additional Super Likes or a one-month subscription to either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.” Moving forward, Tinder has agreed to stop charging Californians different prices based on their age. Unfortunately, seasoned swipers in other states, will continue to pay more for Tinder premiums.
Postal stamps just got 10% expensive - The next time you go to mail a letter…nvm, millennials don’t send letters. Anyway, the price of a first-class postage stamp just increased 10% from 50 cents to 55 cents, signaling “the largest single price jump in the history of the U.S. Postal Service.” USPS lost $3.9 billion in 2018, while mail volume decreased by about 2.1 billion pieces, as USPS lost revenue for 12 straight years. The price of other USPS packages will also go up; a small flat-rate box increases from $7.20 to $7.90, and medium box increases from $13.65 to $14.35.
Law schools may face a penalty for low passing rates on bar exams The American Bar Association’s accreditation council is proposing that law schools get penalized or even lose their accreditations if 75% of their students do not pass the Bar exam within two years of graduation from law school. California, which administers one of the most difficult bar exam, had only 40.7% of the November 2018 test takers passed the bar. This is the fifth straight year where more people failed than the percentage that passed. However, among first-time test takers who graduated from nationally accredited California schools, 63.8% passed.
Viagra loses patent protection, is officially a free agent Pfizer is bracing for a flaccid 2019 without its beloved, best-selling-ever drug, Viagra, as it recently lost patent protection. Therefore, other drugmakers can now freely make their own generic version of the pill. But even as sales of Viagra decreases for the company, it is banking on its other starting players - blood thinner Eliquis and rheumatoid arthritis treatment Xeljanz, to boost sales in 2019.
Companies Mentioned (52-week performance)
Procter & Gamble (+7%), PepsiCo (-11%), Pfizer (+1%)
Resources of the Week
Jeezy shows us how to side hustle the right way.
Jeezy shows us how to side hustle the right way.
Thank you for taking the time to read through today’s news brief. Now you can go splurge on your Tinder super likes, while waiting for your exclusive invitation to the elite “refillable grocery club”. If you enjoyed any of these articles, please share or forward to a friend. This brief was written while listening to “WONDER” album by Jay Prince.
Have a great week ahead!
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