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States reap benefits of Marijuana jobs

Spring is finally here! (well, not yet in NY). As the month of March draws to an end, I just want to
States reap benefits of Marijuana jobs
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Spring is finally here! (well, not yet in NY). As the month of March draws to an end, I just want to thank each person who has ever read, shared, contributed or provided feedback to this newsletter, I appreciate you. Let’s catch up on what you may have missed this week.

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With marijuana legal for recreational use in 10 U.S. states and another 34 states have given the green light for medicinal use, these states have experienced a high on weed-related jobs (no pun intended). The Bureau of Labor Statistics refuses to count or report on job gains in the marijuana industry because it remains illegal at federal level, however, a new report from cannabis site Leafly states that an estimated 211,000 people are now employed in the industry full time while close to 100,000 other jobs indirectly depend on it. O put that into perspective, the U.S. has 69,000 brewing workers and 52,000 coal mining jobs. The research states that the U.S. added 64,389 full time jobs in the marijuana sector in 2018, a 44% increase from 2017, making it the fastest growing job sector in the U.S. at the moment. Florida added the most jobs in 2018 with 9,068 and Pennsylvania had only 90 workers employed in marijuana at the beginning of 2018 and by January of last year, which increased to 3,878, a 4,208% increase. California is expected to add another 9,500 weed-related jobs in 2019.
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source: Statista
source: Statista
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Lyft Drivers set to receive IPO shares As Lyft puts on its pink suit and gears up for its IPO debut, its got big plans to give “drivers who have logged at least 10,000 rides on the platform $1,000 that can be kept or used to buy the company’s IPO shares.” Also, any Lyft driver who has logged 20,000 rides would be eligible for $10,000 in cash or that equivalent amount of stock. The plan is designed to recognize the most significant drivers who have helped build the platform. Meanwhile, Uber and Lyft drivers in California “logged off the apps for 25 hours on March 25 to protest low pay and a lack of transparency around how pay decisions are made.”
Shaq becomes the new face of Papa John’s Pizza, in exchange for a board director seat and a three-year endorsement deal worth $8.25 million, paid half in cash and half in Papa John’s stock. Shaq will also invest in nine Papa John’s restaurants in Atlanta, at a 30/70 percentage split between Shaquille O'Neal and Papa John’s. The pizza company is working to fix both its image and its declining sales after its founder and CEO was kicked out of the company in 2018 after caught using a racial slur on a conference call.
California-grown avocados get recalled for Listeria Avocado producer, Henry Avocados, are recalling its avocados after being discovered to contain listeria, an organism that can cause serious infections. If you’re at the store, you can identify the recalled products from the “Bravocado” sticker on the avocado, while its organic ones have “organic” and “California” stickers rather than Bravocado.
Tyson Foods is recalls Chicken Strips about 69,000 pounds of its ready-to-eat chicken strips after two consumers complained of finding metal in their meals. The frozen strips being recalled were produced Nov. 30, 2018, and have “best buy” dates of Nov. 30, 2019, which includes frozen buffalo-style chicken strips and crispy chicken strips. This is the second major recall for Tyson this year. In January, the company recalled more than 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after consumers complained of the product containing rubber.
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