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How does the Super Bowl influence the price of Chicken Wings

It is officially tax season! While it is currently freezing temps in the Northeast, Sinemia wants to
How does the Super Bowl influence the price of Chicken Wings
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It is officially tax season! While it is currently freezing temps in the Northeast, Sinemia wants to lure you to the movie theaters by reducing prices for its movie theater subscriptions to $4/month for 1 movie a month and $8/month for 3 tickets a month. Meanwhile, McDonald’s lost its ‘Big Mac’ trademark in the EU, and Burger King wasted no time in trolling McD’s.

Go Rams!
Go Rams!
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The economics of Chicken wings and Super Bowl The Super Bowl is finally here and whether you’re rooting for the Rams or Tom Brady, Wall Street is rooting for one thing, your consumption of wings this Sunday. According to the National Retail Federation, the cost of wings usually spike up to 7% higher during the week of Super Bowl, and the “National Chicken Council estimates fans will eat 1.38 billion chicken wings throughout Super Bowl weekend.” According to Buffalo Wild Wings (BBW), in 2017 it served 14 million traditional and boneless wings the people who watched the game in their restaurants around the country. So this year, BBW promises customers free wings if the game goes into overtime. Which is a win for the restaurant because people will order even more wings. Meanwhile, Domino’s Pizza is planning to cash in per usual by “selling about 2 million pizzas and about 4 million chicken wings.”
Chart of the week
January 2019 jobs added - via CNBC
January 2019 jobs added - via CNBC
In Case You Missed It
Blue Apron desperately needs you to buy its meal kits The company has been tossing every possible idea out into the wild ever since it’s stock price hit rock bottom last year, down to $0.65/share. Blue Apron has now launched a new cheaper meal kit called “Knick Knacks” (someone in marketing should be fired for this name), which will be sold in Walmart and Costco. For the $7.99 Knick Knacks meal kit, you get the sauces, spices, grains, dairy, and recipe for a two-person meal, however, battery (I mean protein) sold separately. As of the end of December, Blue Apron has 557,000 customers with an average revenue per customer of $252.
Facebook crushed its 2018 4th quarter earnings Here’s what you need to know: Despite all of the controversy Facebook has been involved in the past year and its shady practices, people just ain’t living that #DeleteFacebook hashtag life they love to post about. According to its Q4 report, Facebook’s earned a new record profit of $6.88 billion, an increase of 61% from Q4’2017. Facebook reported that 1.52 billion people spend time on Facebook daily, and 2.32 billion monthly active users, and earns an average revenue per user of $7.37. Facebook also accounts for more than 7 million active paying advertisers.
Beyonce and JayZ will give you concert tix to become vegan Beyonce announced this week on Instagram that one lucky fan will receive free concert tickets to any Beyonce and/or Jay-Z show for life (terms & conditions applies lol) if you commit to a certain number of vegan meals to enter the special contest. Here’s the catch: You have to enter the contest via The Greenprint project, then purchase a subscription to the 22 Days Nutrition service ($9.99/mo or $99/yr). Guess who co-owns 22 Days Nutrition…. Meet The Carters. Although this vegan initiative is a way “fight against climate change and conservation,” this is also hugely profiting this meal planner service and potentially the Carters. Another win for vegan capitalism.
Companies Mentioned (52-week performance)
Facebook (-14%), Tyson (-18%), Costco (+9%), Walmart (-12%), Blue Apron (-55%), Domino’s Pizza (+29%), McDonald’s (+4%), Burger King - owned by Restaurant Brands International (+4%)
Bonus chart: How price of wings goes up every January before SB.
Bonus chart: How price of wings goes up every January before SB.
Resources of the Week
Free Training: Amazon will fund computer science classes in NY area high schools and its city and state colleges. Their goal is to create a “cloud computing certificate program” for students across New York, to be ready for entry-level tech roles. Learn more here.
Makerpad: Have a cool startup idea but can’t code? Makerpad wants to show you how to build your startup within a week without any coding, all for free.
Thank you for taking the time to read through today’s brief! I hope you think of sharing this newsletter while feasting on your wings and avocado platter this weekend! This brief was written while listening to “Bando“ a rap mix by FTL Radio on Soundcloud.
Have a great weekend and go Rams!
Valentine (@vtineike)

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