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Health apps expose your data to Facebook and Tide side-hustles.

Sooo, how are we doing with those New Year resolutions with two months now over? Read today's brief t
Health apps expose your data to Facebook and Tide side-hustles.
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Sooo, how are we doing with those New Year resolutions with two months now over? Read today’s brief to see how fitness and health apps are exploiting your personal data via Facebook and Tide’s side hustling moves.

Hustle and data flow
Hustle and data flow
Top Stories
Tide detergent to expand its dry-cleaning business  These days, everybody’s got a side hustle, even established companies too. Since 2010, Tide has been running neighborhood laundromats across various communities, and now has about 125 stores run by franchise owners in various cities, with “wash-and-fold services on 20 college campuses and more than 700 drop-off lockers at stores around the country.” The company now plans to bring together all of its side hustling services together under a new name, Tide Cleaners and plans to increase the number of drop-off places around the country to 2,000 by the end of 2020. The 70-year old brand looks to the millennial fountain of youth to revitalize its business by providing laundry services in new apartment buildings, supermarkets, schools, in urban neighborhoods where millennials mostly live in apartments, well because we can’t afford to buy a house yet, let alone have our own washer/dryer unit.
Facebook knows your diets and health routines Facebook knows a lot about you, maybe even too much! The WSJ reported this week that some of the most popular health and fitness apps have been sending your personal information to Facebook, which includes weight, food calorie intake, menstrual cycles, etc. Apps like “Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker”, “Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor”, “Lose It!”, and a few others, have decided to stop sending user information to Facebook. These apps use Facebook’s Software Development Kit or SDK which helps the app developers integrate certain features such as Facebook’s analytics “that allow apps to better understand their users’ behavior or to collect data to sell targeted advertising.” Just in case you were wondering how certain health products may “randomly” pop up in your social media feed.
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In Case You Missed It
The city of Stockton gets Universal Basic Income Becoming one of the first cities in the US to experiment the concept of a “Universal Basic Income”, by giving 100 Stockton residents a monthly payment of $500, for 18 months. The purpose of UBI is to reduce poverty and inequality by giving people a regular minimal income to help families make ends meet, with no strings attached.
Car loan delinquency reaches a new record A new report by the NY Fed Reserve states that the number of Americans in default on their car loans (at least 90 days past due) is now more than 7 million car owners. Borrowers under 30 years old had the highest rate of delinquency, compared to other age groups.
Oprah plans to save Weight Watchers from its own diet Weight Watchers’ latest earnings report showed that the company produced a weaker 2018 revenue results and also gave a weak outlook for 2019 as the company pivots its strategy to focus on providing holistic wellness solutions, instead of just being known for helping people lose weight. WW plans to leverage Oprah (who owns about 8% of the company) to play a central role in its marketing campaign. Oprah’s stake in Weight Watchers was valued at $160 million as of today, significantly up from October 2015, which was worth $43 million at the time.
Companies Mentioned (52-week performance)
Procter & Gamble (+22%), Facebook (-11%), Weight Watchers (-59%)
Resources of the Week
Podcast: From NFL to SharkTank - How NFL player, Justin Forsett, transitioned his football career into launching a successful business that now has products carried in Target stores.
Book: The Courage to be disliked - A Japanese philosophy book based on the theories of Alfred Adler, a 19th-century psychologist.
Thank you for taking the time to read through today’s news brief! This brief was written while listening to “First Ear Mini Mixes Vol 38” a smooth chill hip hop SoundCloud mix by Kulv Reyatt. Enjoy!
Have a great week ahead!
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