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Government Shutdown Continues, While Amazon Becomes Brand Influencers.

While you were swiping through every dating app to find the newly most eligible bachelor, Jeff Bezos,
Government Shutdown Continues, While Amazon Becomes Brand Influencers.
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While you were swiping through every dating app to find the newly most eligible bachelor, Jeff Bezos, Amazon was busy dumping loads of new and free services to customers, and 800,000 workers are expected to miss their paychecks today.

Trump to Government Workers... 21 days later
Trump to Government Workers... 21 days later
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Shutdown continues, day 21.
As we all know, the government has been partially shut down since Dec. 22nd, but this story is not about trump and his wall, but let’s talk about how this shutdown is affecting lives around the country. Approximately 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed or are being required to work without pay across these government agencies: Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, State, Transportation and the Treasury. While the Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs, have received Congress funding, so those departments and agencies are not affected. More interesting to note is that a huge impact of this shutdown will affect more black Americans which makes up more than 18% of the federal workforce, according to a study by the Partnership for Public Service.
Travel safety workers like TSA, air controllers, are either furloughed or working unpaid, but are still required to help maintain the safety and flow of flying travelers like you and me. The FDA agency has suspended all routine inspections of food processing facilities in the U.S., which could potentially affect or delay the processing of food across the country. SNAP benefits (food stamps) will only be covered through February as Congress has not approved funds beyond the January 20th, when SNAP funds are set to expire. “About 1 in 10 Americans relies at least partly on SNAP benefits to buy food.” Even though the government will still be required to provide bay pay for federal workers once the shutdown ends, people still have to pay their rents/mortgage, credit bills, student loans which can affect their living situations and even hurting their credit standings for late payments. So thousands of fed workers have moved over to crowdfunding to raise funds for things such as rent and other family needs, launching over 1000 Gofundme campaigns and counting.
Dude, where’s my beer? The shutdown has also put a hold on beer operations for most beer makers, because many activities of the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, plays a key role in overseeing alcoholic beverages and approves new beer labels and formulas. “Across the craft beer industry, we are talking about tens of millions of dollars of sales that are being lost because brewers can’t get products to market.“ This impacts the production of beer that we all know American hipsters and college frat bros needs to function.
Chart of the week
Cigs, mimosas, coffee, etc.. whatever your vice is, it adds up yearly.
Cigs, mimosas, coffee, etc.. whatever your vice is, it adds up yearly.
In Case You Missed It
Y’all still shopping at Macy’s? - Macy’s stock price nosedived -18% this week as it reported disappointing holiday sales across almost all departments, and “now expects no growth in net sales for fiscal 2018.” While department stores continue the struggle sales, online retailers and brands are gaining sales momentum. JC Penney’s stock is essentially now just over $1, down from its glory days of $80/share in 2007.
Amazon launches a free movie streaming service - Meet IMDb Freedive, Prime Video’s step-sister which offers a collection of old and recent TV shows and movies through Amazon TV devices without having to purchase a subscription, but you will be served ads. Amazon is trying out every possible ways to grow its advertising business, where it has the “No.3 spot in the U.S. digital ad market behind Google and Facebook.“ Amazon also quietly launched a new sampling service to send free samples of consumer products to Prime members like you. Using the data from your purchasing trends, they will begin sending samples of actual products like beauty, packaged foods, etc., and expects that this new sample strategy will provide brands "a higher likelihood of conversion than display ads.”
Samuel L. Jackson has made $13 billion for Hollywood - With a prolific career of over 120 movie titles on his resume, “SLJ” has brought in more box office revenue for Hollywood throughout his career than any other entertainer. This is a great profile story of the business of Hollywood and how "SLJ” despite a functional crack addiction, became Hollywood’s most bankable star.
Companies mentioned in this issue (52-week): Costco (11%), Amazon (29%), Walmart (-5%), Target (-6%), Facebook (-23%), Google (-5%), JC Penney (-68%), Macy’s (-2%).
Resources of the Week
Podcast: Inside the business of basketball with Los Angeles Lakers CEO Jeanie Buss. Hear how the Lakers organization operates as a brand.
Book: The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right Currently reading this book by Atul Gawande as he explains how checklists actually work to prompt striking and immediate improvements in life, work and all areas.
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