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AT&T helps DEA listen to your call records

March has officially come to an end which means that we have completed 25% of 2019, hopefully you hav
AT&T helps DEA listen to your call records
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March has officially come to an end which means that we have completed 25% of 2019, hopefully you have also completed 25% of your 2019 new year’s resolution, but who’s tracking anyways (I see you December!)

"hey plug, is that you!?"
"hey plug, is that you!?"
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AT&T and DEA team up to listen to ALL your phone calls  A new report published by the Justice Department inspector general just reconfirmed that a program named “Project C” that allows drug agents to obtain billions of call records from AT&T, is alive and active. The program provides access to billions of domestic and international call records to DEA and allows agents to pull information about the callers - when and where a call was made from and the telecoms provider operating the program, without requiring a court order.
But how does this affect me? Now I know what you’re thinking “Yo, I have Boost Mobile service and I use a Nextel phone to make all my calls, that means I’m good right?” Well not exactly. According to the report, the program although run by AT&T, it also “collects information on every call that passed through one of its systems, including by other cell carriers and network providers,” with call records dating back three decade, including the location and the identity of callers.
Is this legal? The Justice Department has expressed concerns that the program may pose legal problems as DEA agents may need a higher authority to access the data which currently doesn’t require any judicial oversight. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies have been accused of using the database for “parallel construction,” which is a way of allowing police to discover potentially criminal acts but reverse-engineer their findings to prevent public disclosure of the database. Sounds like a TV series right?
Chart of the week
What happens each minute on the internet
What happens each minute on the internet
In Case You Missed It
Lyft begins trading as a public company  The much awaited ride-sharing IPO kicked off its new life as a public company today and immediately jumped 20% as investors all wanted a piece of the pink mustache company. Uber, your move next!
Airbnb now claims 20% of the travel lodging market Thanks to millennials and our odd sense of trust allowing strangers to share our couch or take over our entire homes, Airbnb has quickly risen to become a default choice of travel lodging. US consumers spent more money on Airbnb last year than they did on Hilton and its subsidiary brands like DoubleTree and Embassy Suites, according to travel analytics company, Second Measure. Airbnb claimed about 20% revenue of the entire US consumer lodging market in 2018, and this month, recorded its 500 millionth guest arrival across one of its 6 million homes, and also announced plan to acquire HotelTonight.
Apple is now a services company that happens to sell iPhones Apple recently announced its new subscription services which includes: AppleTV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card. As Apple looks for ways to reinvent itself due to lower iphone sales, its services business, including revenue from the App Store and these new subscription services, hopes to drive the majority of revenue growth over the next few years.
WOW Air ghosted passengers, shuts down company Budget airline Wow Air (aka the Spirit Air of Iceland) took some tips from its homies at Fyre Festival and abruptly canceled all its flights ditching passengers and employees at the airport and decided it is shutting down the company. The company blamed a decline in tourist visits to Iceland and rising fuel costs as reasons for lack of profitability, and told passengers to go request their money back through credit card companies.
Companies Mentioned (YTD performance)
Lyft (too soon), Apple (+20%), Marriott (+15%), AT&T (+10%)
Resources of the Week
Resource: Scribd - In case you’re wondering how I get through so many books, I’ve been using this app Scribd which is like if Audible and Kindle had a baby, who’s God-parent is Netflix. If that went over your head, basically, its a service that gives you unlimited access to audiobooks, ebooks, magazines and more for a flat rate of ~$9/month. Thank me later.
Book: Grit - The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth. In this book, Angela who is a neuro-psychologist breaks down the psychology and myths behind talent versus hardwork to understand what powers people to succeed at the highest level. Great read.
Thank you for taking the time to read through today’s news brief! If you enjoyed any of these articles, please share, forward to a friend, or reply back with your feedback. This brief was written while listening to “FKJ live @ Salar de Uyuni” a smooth instrumental mix by FKJ. Just watch and be blown away!
Have a great weekend!
Valentine (@vtineike)
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