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The Good Press - Issue #0.9: Hello and Welcome


The Good Press

April 22 · Issue #1 · View online

A newsletter of observations about life, sports, and/or anything else that comes to mind

Hello and welcome to the very first issue of The Good Press.
What to expect from this personal creative endeavor, first from a logistics and housekeeping standpoint, as well as what to expect content-wise:
The key part of all of this is that I intend to write about things on occasion, and if you’d like to read them, you can do it in a really simplified way.
Primarily, and most conveniently, The Good Press operates as an email newsletter that you can subscribe to for free, which enables you to have each issue sent directly to your email inbox as soon as it’s published.
Additionally, if you’ve missed an issue or would like to visit the full archive of The Good Press at any time for any reason, all past, present, and future issues will be hosted online at the newsletter’s profile page that’s bolded, underlined, and clickable in many places in this issue, such as this sentence.
Subscribing to The Good Press is as simple as entering your email address of choice and clicking that “Subscribe now” button. Once you do that, we’ll send you a confirmation email with another big button to click to confirm your subscription, and from that point forward, when a new issue is published, it will be sent your way and arrive as fast as it takes to receive any other email.
Once you’re subscribed and your email client of choice learns that you want to see it in your inbox*, it should be no problem getting each issue directly by email as soon as I send it out. When a new issue arrives in your inbox, you’ll have the ability to reply to me and/or forward it to a friend as simply as you would reply to or forward any other email, so feel free to drop me a line.
*Each issue of The Good Press will always be written and published by me directly to your inbox, but please keep in mind that when each issue is published, you’ll likely see it initially coming from me at the publishing company’s email address domain,, not from a standard gmail account. What that means is that, if you want to add to your email address book/contacts section, it should ensure that the newsletters never get lost in your spam folder when I send them out to you. Hopefully, it’ll hit your inbox right from the start, but nobody wants spam, so your email client of choice may accidentally mislabel it in the beginning. Either way, whether you reply to that email address, or the gmail associated with the newsletter, which can be found at, I’ll receive it directly with no middleman.
While I’m still workshopping exactly what I want The Good Press to be, what I can tell you with a pretty solid degree of confidence is that it will primarily be a newsletter about life, passion projects, sports, art, philosophy or any combination of those things. Anything that inspires me to jot thoughts down.
It will probably most often be some combination of those things. But it can also be none of those things, if inspiration strikes me in another subject matter. But I do imagine it will likely be within those parameters most issues.
Those closest to me know that sports have been a passion of mine since I was very young, and something I used to write about in the past. I’m happy to say that while I don’t anticipate getting into the nitty-gritty details of evaluating Player X or Team Y in the future, I can say that I’ve been jotting down some general thoughts about baseball’s mystique and the passion that it inspires in me and so many others, and those thoughts will almost certainly appear in the second issue of The Good Press. At the time I’m publishing this issue, I’m still in the initial stages of organizing my thoughts about that, but be sure to subscribe to the email newsletter so you can read it as soon as it’s published.
This first issue of The Good Press is launching as an ever-evolving project so I’m going to call this Issue #0.9 for now, but you can round up. For this first edition of The Good Press, I wanted to share (or reshare, in some cases) two of my recent works that I’ve written over the past few weeks.
The first piece I published is a deeply personal essay entitled “She’s Why: Love and Life Sheltering in Place with a High-Risk Partner During a Viral Pandemic,” in which I wrote about my lovely partner and the inspiration I draw from her. It’s a longer, more personal story than many of the things I expect to be writing on here in the future, although I do plan on more first-person work. This one came about organically and really represented a reigniting of my love for writing. It made picking up a pen feel like a worthy endeavor again.

She’s Why: Love and Life Sheltering in Place with a High-Risk Partner During a Viral Pandemic
The second piece I wrote recently was a quicker read, a more philosophical piece entitled “Fill in the Negative Space,” which I wrote as something of a reflection upon what it felt like to write again for the first time in a while.
Fill In the Negative Space
I discovered how enjoyable it felt for me to tap into my creative side again and see what shook loose, and it made me feel like I can’t be alone in this. I’m sure all of us have it within ourselves in some fashion, something we’re passionate about, something we can tap into creatively and channel it into something that is uniquely ours. It’s up to you to find it within yourself, so I encourage everyone to dig deep and try to find that creative spark within yourself, listen to it, and let it inspire you to create something that’s yours.
So I guess The Good Press is the logical next step for me, when it comes to wanting to create my own art and share it when I feel like it’s worth sharing. If you’re interested in checking it out, subscribe now and you won’t miss a thing. Feel free to share with someone you think might be interested, and reach out to me with any feedback you’d like to share with me. Even what you think I should write about next. Maybe a Q&A section with feedback from readers will make an appearance in a future issue. Who’s to say?
Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoy The Good Press in whatever shape or form it evolves into over the duration of its time in your inbox.
Thanks for reading.
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