The Good Press

By Jon Presser

A newsletter of observations about life, sports, and/or anything else that comes to mind

A newsletter of observations about life, sports, and/or anything else that comes to mind

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The Good Press - Issue #64: Walking the Path

My schedule is about to get even busier as I continue to walk a unique career path


The Good Press - Issue #63: Practice

A free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness issue about practice


The Good Press - Issue #62: The Baseball Experience

There's nothing like the experience of being at a ballgame with people you care about. You might even see something unforgettable and/or never-before-seen


The Good Press - Issue #61: Refresh

A fresh new champion is guaranteed in the NBA, some thoughts on Olympic athletes chasing their dreams, and always trying to seek refreshment when you can


The Good Press - Issue #60: Pause

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Good Press, a newsletter of observations about life, sports, and/or anything else that comes to mind.Thanks for reading. I hope you find this issue to be worth your time.Comments and reader suggestions are always we…


The Good Press - Issue #59: Play

Full crowds at big games have been electric, but the atmosphere's been somewhat dampened by unacceptable fan behavior, with the performers rightfully fed up


The Good Press - Issue #58: The Speed of The Game

Rumors of New York City's demise are greatly exaggerated, and it's not so easy to adjust to the faster speed of the game here after time spent taking things slow.


The Good Press - Issue #57: Breakthrough

In a big New York sports week, playoff basketball returns to Brooklyn and Manhattan, while the wrong end of a "breakthrough" hits the Yankees in the Bronx.


The Good Press - Issue #56: Baseball Lives

Highlighting some baseball lives across the sport: celebrating Willie Mays' 90th birthday, a tribute to Albert Pujols, and perhaps the most incredible comeback ever


The Good Press - Issue #55: Reset

As American football tries to find its future stars at the NFL Draft, English football fans made their voices heard loud and clear in a remarkable sports fan protest.


The Good Press - Issue #54: Stupor League

Somewhat suddenly, a seismic sports story shook soccer: a plot for a Super League rocked Europe but came and went in a flash, leaving the soccer world in a stupor.


The Good Press - Issue #53: Baseball's Best Out West

Baseball's best out west have started 2021 with a bang. I can't think of a better way to commemorate one full year of The Good Press than some baseball banter.


The Good Press - Issue #52: More Mourning in Minnesota

As Minnesota grapples with the high-profile murder trial of a former police officer, there's more mourning today for yet another victim of senseless state violence.


The Good Press - Issue #51: Recoil

Sports leagues continue to find themselves at the center of flashpoint political discourse, which says a lot more about the state of politics than anything else.


The Good Press - Issue #50: Baseball Fun for 2021

While every issue is essentially a baseball issue, the gold edition of The Good Press is dedicated to some fun baseball things. Which way will the ball bounce this year?


The Good Press - Issue #49: Rally

A rally in baseball is exuberant and it evokes feelings similar to the many ways that we rally throughout our lives, finding ways to be at our best when we most need it.


The Good Press - Issue #48: Spring Forward

As we spring forward each day ever closer to a "post-pandemic" America, sports leagues will once again attempt to lead us toward some potential paths forward.


The Good Press - Issue #47: Plans

You know what they say about the best-laid plans... Reflecting upon our one-year "panniversary," and what it will be like to get back to those long-delayed Plan A's.


The Good Press - Issue #46: Life

A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel gives us time to reflect on the fragility of life, everything we've endured this past year, and those we've lost along the way.


The Good Press - Issue #45: Weather

The climate crisis is making severe weather rear its ugly head more often, and that's meant a whole lot of ice and snow across the United States this winter. On weathering the storms we're all facing today and weathering the storms to come.