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By Christian Umbach

The Order : Weekly Aggregator Roundup - Thrasio



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The Order
Happy Sunday,
Here’s a quick roundup of last week’s news - not a happy one for the folks at Thrasio who have helped create this industry but a number of whom will see their final day at Thrasio on May 13.
Thrasio’s leadership acknowledges the need for change in their internal update on organizational changes (as published by Business Insider): “Our transformation process has already led to several important adjustments to our business focus: refining our M&A machine to ensure our platform can optimally integrate our acquisitions, streamlining products, and focusing our operations in corporate development, product, and marketing.”
I believe all players in this still nascent space will go through a transformational process to learn in what categories to play in, how to operate and where their operational strengths lie plus what parts of the stack they want to own vs partner in. It’s an unfortunate, yet natural part for the industry to mature. As Thrasio lays off talented folks who helped fuel it’s growth, hundreds of open positions at other aggregators exist who are ready to further scale up.

Chart of the Week: Q1 report on eCommerce funding
CB Insights released its 190-page State of Retail Tech Q1-2022 report covering funding trends in the retail space. While eCommerce funding is down from a record year 2021 (-15% from Q4'21, deals -12%), Q1 funding and deal volume still outperforms that of 2020 and prior years.
eCommerce Funding [CB Insights]
eCommerce Funding [CB Insights]
New funding this week: $-M
Funding Craze 💰
Movers & Shakers
Strategy 📈
  • “Aggregator Distress, Layoffs, Acquisition Halt – Is This The Real Story?” [The Fortia Group]
  • TL,DR: No. “Amazon Briefing: Has the aggregator bubble finally burst?” [Modern Retail]
  • “Amazon rout deepens gloom for battered e-commerce companies” [The Seattle Times]
  • “Shopify acquires shipping logistics startup Deliverr for $2.1B” [Techcrunch]
  • Q1 sales increased by 22%: “Shopify shares fall as earnings underwhelm” [Financial Times]
  • “Facebook’s E-Commerce Bet Stumbles as Meta Looks to Revamp Its Ads Business” [Wall Street Journal]
  • eCommerce’s game remains strong despite decline in April 2022 vs April 2021 - In-store sales were up +10.0%, while e-commerce sales are down -1.8% compared to last year.[…] However, online sales remain elevated (+92.0%) vs pre-pandemic April 2019: Mastercard SpendingPulse: April U.S. Retail Sales Remain Steady, Up +7.2%* Year-Over-Year [Business Wire]
Events 🎤
  • KPMG Retail VAT and Customs Masterclass 2022, May 12 online
Let’s make this week count,
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Christian Umbach

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