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By Christian Umbach

The Order : Weekly Aggregator Roundup - D1Brands & Upscalio



The Order
Happy Sunday,
here’s a roundup of the last week:

Chart of the week
Walmart shoppers love the offline experience: “Why Walmart’s e-commerce growth is cooling off while Amazon is still on fire” - Quartz has the full story.
Walmart's eCommerce Sales Growth in the US [Quartz]
Walmart's eCommerce Sales Growth in the US [Quartz]
New funding this week: $165.5M
Funding Craze 💰
  • US: D1 Brands scores in growth funding $123M to expand it’s 85+ person team and acceleration FBA seller acquisitions [Forbes]
  • India: Upscalio raises $42.5M for acquisitions in the 5-50 crore range (670k-6.7M USD) [Economic Times]
Strategy 📈
  • Following the new incentive structure on the ads side, Amazon launches the beta of additional tools to measure the performance of non-Amazon marketing channels: Amazon Attribution []
  • Chinese seller are pushing for DTC - “Amazon blocks top Chinese sellers, forcing industry to seek new pathways” [Global Times]
  • Analysis of Shopee’s and it’s competition with Alibaba’s international eCommerce holdings: “Shopee is on track to eclipse Alibaba’s entire international e-commerce business by 2022” [Vulcan Post]
  • State intervention Part 1 : Not hitting Amazon quite yet, but FTC Chair Khan starts taking on Facebook this week with a continuation of a Trump-era case [Washington Post]. While this is noteworthy itself, Amazon-land is on high alert. Khan is famously know for her Yale Law Publication titled “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox”. And, oh yeah - Amazon is trying to keep her away from Seattle [CNBC].
  • State intervention Part 2: India is planning a state-sponsored open network for digital commerce - “India Readies an Amazon Slayer — State-Backed E-Commerce” [Bloomberg]
  • State intervention Part 3: Shenzhen is paying online businesses to sell somewhere besides Amazon [Quartz]
Let’s make this week count,
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Christian Umbach

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