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The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #7

The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #7
By Neevash Ramdial (Nash) • Issue #7 • View online

Welcome to another edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! 
third of the year is now behind us, and we are entering everyone’s favorite period, tech conference season! 
Over the last two weeks, I completed the rebuild of my website and started reading an interesting series on designing Google Docs. I’ve been a little obsessed with backend dev lately since I started spending more time with GO (a new side project incoming 😛).
Before we dive into the Flutter roundup for this week, the next newsletter issue (May 8th) may be delayed or skipped since I will be traveling internationally. 
Blogs ✍️
One of the complaints often cited by developers first starting with or evaluating Flutter is its lack of support for threading. While Dart might be a single-threaded language, it does have one trick up its sleeve, Isolates!
If the concept of isolates is new to you or you need a refresher, the team at Codemagic wrote this post just for you 😉.  
Sometimes you just can’t escape it; arguments over JavaScript, coders at coffee shops, native code in Flutter apps, they always seem to pop up at the most random times 🤪.
Luckily for us, Flutter Devs, Mais Alheraki from the Invertase is here to prepare us for those 5% projects that require custom native integration 💪. 
My colleague at Stream, Deven Joshi, wrote a guide on how you can integrate a chess game natively into your messaging applications using Stream’s Flutter SDK. Worth reading if you enjoy games and fun integration using streams (who doesn’t love puns!)
You’ve likely encountered the problem of resizing screens and keyboards at some point or another. These are very common if your application requires user input or has a lot of forms. Unfortunately, the default behavior resizes your application whenever the keyboard is triggered, causing overflows and other weird UI quirks. 
If you can relate to these problems, then check out Flutter Bead’s latest blog post!
Are you using lots of codegen in your projects? Eray Erdin teaches us how you can integrate Dart’s build runner in VSCode, simplifying your development workflow 😎
Roaa breaks down the different types of animations supported by Flutter and details scenarios for using each. 
Give her post a read if you’d like to take your Flutter animations game to the next level 💯.
Videos 🎥
MaterialStateProperty is one of those new Flutter classes that seem much harder than it actually is!
Craig from the Flutter team gives us a breakdown of the new class and some of its use-cases in the latest Flutter Dedcoded video ⚙️.
TechnoLX gives us part three of his Flutter, Google Maps, and Firebase series focused on Cloud Firestore Query, Indexing, and Rules!
A newsletter about Flutter would not be complete without mentioning state management 😁. 
Luckily for us, Vandad Nahavandipoor created a new video in his Flutter series focused on this topic. 
Gordon Hayes from the Fun with Flutter Youtube channel decided to have some fun with Flutter by cloning Google Docs using Flutter Web and Appwrite
Check out his video if you’d like to learn about real-time document editing, authentication, and popular frameworks like riverpod! 
Noteworthy Community Moments 💫
Over the last few months, Simon Leier has been hard at work on Isar, a new database for Flutter. 
In this update, he adds support for querying, filtering, sorting links, and more! 
Check out his tweet or the link to learn more. 
Flutter Gems published their April update containing new packages, categories, and UI aimed at helping developers discover new widgets for their applications. 
Check out their blog post to learn more! 
Tweet of the Week 🥇
🎉💙 Announcing the #FlutterPuzzleHack winners!

Over 5,500 developers representing 120+ countries, & a range of experience levels participated in the #FlutterPuzzleHack. Dive into:

⚡️ Execution
🖌 Most Creative
🌀 Best Animation
✨ Multiplatform

Here →
Flutter Kozhikode
We're so excited to announce #FlutterFestival Kozhikode 📢 coming up on 24th April!! We're so glad to have you, @pratik13butani & @mukundjogi, as our speakers! Read more & register here: 🎉
Hiring! 👾
Arro recently closed their pre-seed round and is looking for a Founding Engineer with Flutter experience to join their team. 
Check out the link about to learn more!
beets&roots, the next generation of restaurants in Europe, is looking for a Senior Mobile Engineer (Flutter) to architect, build and deploy a food ordering mobile app. 
Parkside’s engineering team is looking for a Senior Mobile Engineer (Flutter/Dart) to help build the world’s most modern trading platform. As a member of their team, you will be working with Flutter, GraphQL, and more. 
See the link about for the full job spec!
PS: If you’re a hiring Flutter developers and would like your jobs featured, please reach out to me on Twitter or reply to this email :)
That's all folks 👋
Thank you for reading another edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! I hope you enjoyed this edition and found something new. 
If you have a post you’d like to see featured in the next edition, please reach out over Twitter. My DMs are always open.
Until next time, keep widgeting! 
– Nash 
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