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The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #6

The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #6
By Neevash Ramdial (Nash) • Issue #6 • View online
Welcome back, friends of Flutter, to another edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly 🥳. Today’s newsletter is packed with great blog posts and community moments 😎.
Since our last newsletter, Google IO was officially announced (May 11th - 12th), WWDC was announced (June 6th - 10th), and a certain Flutter PR was merged into master 👀.
On the personal/side projects front, I started rebuilding my personal website in React & Tailwind, and it’s been a fun learning experience. I am enjoying dipping my toes back into web…I don’t miss the weird quirks of JS 🤪.

Blogs ✍️
We all know Flutter is blazing fast but do you ever stop to ask the question, “What makes Flutter fast?”.
Cagatay Ulusoy answers this question in the first of his three-part blog posts focused on the inner workings of Flutter and performance⚡️.
GraphQL is everywhere these days. Mo Malaka, a Solutions Architect on the AWS Amplify team, teaches us how to build a simple expense tracker using Amplify, Flutter, and GraphQL 😎.
Maps are always fun to play with. They power everything from Uber to your favorite tracking apps like Shop
Ana Polo teaches us to build a location application using MapBox, location, and Flutter Bloc, supercharged by the Very Good CLI ⚙️. 
Continuing his TDD series,  Guillaume Roux gives us a special look at Golden Testing using Alchemist. Alchemist was developed by Very Good Ventures and Betterment and aims to simplify Flutter Golden Testing 🧙🏼.
Regardless if you’re building native or with Flutter, the one thing every developer can agree on is managing and dealing with codesigning sucks! 
Lucky for us, Rob Hedgpeth from the Bitrise team wrote a comprehensive guide covering the steps you can take to codesign your iOS Flutter applications easily 🙌.
When we talk about testing, we often skip the part about tooling developers can use to help them write better tests. In his latest post, Andrea Bizzotto teaches us how we can generate and analyze a Flutter Test Coverage Report in VSCode 🔍.
“CATWEB” is a Flutter app developed to help the amateur radio community by Colin Constable. The app makes it easy for Ham radio operators to know precisely which frequency and modulation any given “operator” is listening to.
Videos 🎥
Flutter meetups are back in Flutter swing! Hosted by The @ Company, Flutter Silicon Valley had its first meetup featuring speakers Matt Caroll,  Roaa Khaddam DashtronautEric Seidel, and much more!
For you French-speaking developers, this one is for you 💙. 
One of Flutter’s biggest selling points is being able to create and ship beautiful apps for any platform quickly. In the latest Flutter France video, Aloïs Deniel takes us through the steps involved in implementing a custom design system in Flutter 💅.
A growing customization trend among applications is the ability to change the app’s home screen icon easily. Reddit, Twitter, and many other applications allow users to do this to make their applications feel more personal. 
You too can implement this in your Flutter application but following the steps covered in the CodeReviewIo’s latest Youtube video 🎥.
Noteworthy Community Moments 💫
The creators of Serverpod give us a new UI package for Flutter, Stockholm. Stockholm is designed to be desktop first and feel at home on both Mac and Windows. Check out the link to learn more ℹ️.
Flutter Meetups Everywhere 🌎
With conferences and meetups in full swing around the world, here are a few Flutter meetups happening soon:
  1. Flutter Festival GDG Spain (April 21st)
  2. Flutter NL Meetup (April 22nd)
  3. Flutter Vikings CFP (In-Person)
Are you ready to go beyond hello world with Flutter? Majid started releasing videos in his new Authentication & Authorization series to take developers beyond hello world and into advanced Flutter topics🪄.
Tweet of the Week 🥇
Remi Rousselet
Testing tip: You can use `predicate` to perform complex expectations on a value
BeGuillaume 💙
I'm having some more fun with the music player I created a couple of weeks ago in @FlutterDev!

Smooth transitions for the expanded player 🍃
Code below 👇
That's all folks 👋
Thank you for reading another edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! I hope you enjoyed this edition and found something new. 
If you have a post you’d like to see featured in the next edition, please reach out over Twitter. My DMs are always open.
Until next time, keep widgeting! 
– Nash 
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