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The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #1

The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #1
By Neevash Ramdial (Nash) • Issue #1 • View online

Welcome to the first edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! 🥳
You might be wondering, why another developer newsletter? 
Great question! The goal of Flutter Bi-Weekly is to curate the best of Flutter in a simple and easily digestible format. Content will be sourced from around the community and focus on a few key areas:
  1. Blogs ✍️
  2. Videos 🎥
  3. Noteworthy Community Moments 💫
  4. Tweet of the Week 🥇
  5. Hiring 👩‍💻🧑‍💻
As a developer, your time is precious, code needs review, coffee needs brewing, and emails need deleting 🙈. 
Flutter Bi-Weekly will aim to add value to your day without feeling spammy or overwhelming, hence the bi-weekly format.
Quality > Quantity 😎 
Blogs ✍️
Design patterns are useful templates that help us solve common problems in software design. Andrea Bizzotto gives us a detailed breakdown of the Repository design pattern, complete with a code walkthrough and examples. 
Written by yours truly, this blog post goes in-depth into Flutter’s Build Context and the reasons why developers (particularly those new to the framework) should pay extra attention to it. 
Guillaume Bernos teaches us how to import, test and validate custom SVGs as icons in Flutter. By the end of this post, you will learn everything from working with fonts to golden testing.  
Everyone’s favourite topic, state management 🙈. In his introductory blog post to riverpod, Hasan Basri Bayat gives us a complete walkthrough of building a small app with Riverpod complete with Freezed integration. 
Need rounded corners in your next app? FlutterBeads gives you a short tutorial on how you can easily add rounded corners to bottom sheets in Flutter. 
Videos 🎥
Did you know Firebase now allows you to run some features locally?! Avalanche teaches us how to build and test a Flutter app using Firebase’s new emulator. 
Packages are the core of every application. SyntacOps gives you a five-minute highlight of the top packages released in 2021. 
VSCode is the weapon of choice for many Flutter devs. The Flutter Way shares some productivity tips and tricks to make your development easier when using VSCode. 
Whether you are new to Flutter or you’re setting up a new machine, installing a new SDK is always a “FUN” process. Robert Brunhage shares some tips to make the install process faster and less painful. 
Noteworthy Community Moments 💫
WidgetBook, The Storybook for Flutter, now allows you easily collaborate with your team and access your widget previews from anywhere 🎉.
Flutter Scotland 2022 Kickoff 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🚀
Would a community be complete without meetups❤️? Flutter Scotland is having their first meetup of the year on January 31st @ 7 pm GMT 🇬🇧. Check out the meetup page for more info!
Ready to showcase your outstanding creative development skills? The Flutter team is hosting a creative hackathon aimed at pushing your creativity to its limits.
Check out the link above for more information! 
Twitter Spaces 🎙
Over the last two weeks, there are two increasingly popular Twitter Spaces for Flutter developers hosted by members of the community.
The first, hosted my Majid Hajian focuses on Deep Work while the second, Flutter dArtists hosted by Danny and Mangirdas Kazlauskas is an informal chat with members of the Flutter community on varying topics.
Tweet of the Week 🥇
David Iglesias
We’re improving how #Flutter Web apps render into a page (so eventually they don’t take over the whole “body” tag).

Design docs here:

* (whole project, WIP)
* (first bit)

Comments & RTs welcome! (in docs and Discord) #flutterdev 💙🏳️‍🌈
I think this counts as running #FlutterDev in VR :'). Considering that the #FlameEngine website is a Flutter web app.

So I am technically the first person(to my knowledge) that ran a #Flutter app in VR.

Now if only we could make it fully native!
Mo Malaka 💙
Everyone learns differently.

There are tons of different paths to learning Flutter!

1/n 🧵
Hiring 👩‍💻🧑‍💻
Are you looking for your next career move? Here are a few companies currently looking for Flutter developers 👇
That's all folks 👋
Thank you for checking out the first edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! If you liked this newsletter and would like to be notified about new releases, consider subscribing, it’s free! 
Did I miss something? Mention me on Twitter, and I’ll include it in the next edition. 
Special shoutout to the #FlutterWhisperer himself Simon Lightfoot (devangelslondon) for helping me configure apache and DNS records on a Saturday night 🤜 🤛
Here is a sneak peek of a project he is working on in Flutter 👀
Room 105 - Resident Evil 1 from PlayStation One to Flutter 💙
Room 105 - Resident Evil 1 from PlayStation One to Flutter 💙
Have a great week everyone 🙌
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Neevash Ramdial (Nash)

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