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The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Hello desktop and meetups 👋

The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Hello desktop and meetups 👋
By Neevash Ramdial (Nash) • Issue #3 • View online
Hello once again, my fantastic friends of Flutter 👋! 
We’ve come to the end of another two weeks in the Flutterverse, and unlike our last cycle, there is absolutely nothing new to chat about this week 🤪🙈. 
Obviously, I am joking 😂. Since our last issue, Flutter Vikings gave us hours upon hours of content, support for Windows made it to stable, and much more. 
In the world of meetups, Flutter Festival was kicked off and is happening at local meetups worldwide, both in-person and online. 
There is a lot to unpack, so let’s jump right into it 🙌.

Blogs ✍️
With Flutter’s entry into the desktop space, the question arises, how easy is it for Flutter developers to create applications for desktop platforms?
Guillaume Bernos attempts to answer this in his latest blog post 😎
No entry on a Flutter newsletter would be complete without mention of state management or navigator 2.0 😛.
Türker Gürel gives us a comprehensive tutorial of navigation using the auto_route package, an abstraction layer above the navigator 2.0 API. 
Are you looking to improve your Flutter skills but not interested in reading? If you are a visual learner like myself, this blog post is for you. 
Devign complied a list of the top 20 Youtube channels for learning Flutter 💙.
Push notification is a core feature of most applications. In his blog post, Dhruv Nakum breaks down the steps developers can follow to integrate Firebase Cloud Messaging seamlessly into their Flutter application. 
If you are building a game or are interested in simulating physics in your application to mimic real-world behavior, Christian Muehle has you covered. 
He covers how Forge2D can be used as a pre-made physic’s engine in your Flame game.
Here is an interesting question for you, did you know it is possible to write Flutter apps for Samsung’s wearable devices?
Originally published in May of 2021, Joe’s blog post breaks down the steps developers can follow to build their first application for Tizen.
Videos 🎥
Did you think a Flutter summary this week would be complete without a recap of the 2.10 announcement?
Lucky for us, former member of the Flutter team, Filip Hráček created a breakdown of the 2.10 announcement 🙌.
You are writing tests for your application, right?
Software testing is a crucial part of the development process that is often overlooked (we are all guilty of it, myself included :P). 
To help us write more stable applications, Reso Coder created a new video dedicated to testing. 
The CustomPainter is one of the underlying widgets that is even more used than the widget. It is not a Widget but a Class that extends the CustomPainter Object.
Flutter Explained gives us an overview of the widget and how you can use it to make your Flutter applications standout 💅.
Codepur is starting a new Livestream series where he lives codes a Flutter application on Youtube. It’s a great place to follow along and get some of your Flutter questions answered (or implemented) by a Flutter GDE. 
Dash and merch! The Flutter team has a new series on their Youtube channel where they build a Flutter merch store from scratch.
Check it out if you are interested in following along and learning Flutter best practices. 
Noteworthy Community Moments 💫
Tim Sneath on the Flutter team shared Flutter’s 2022 strategy and roadmap document, a comprehensive look at the areas the team will be focusing on as they continue to build growth and momentum. 
Flutter Festivals everywhere 💙
Find a community near you and get involved! There are lots of local Flutter meetups happening around the world.
Deven Joshi and Ayush Shekhar share their journey to becoming a full time Flutter engineer. Listen in to their Twitter Space with Pawann Kumaar for some tips on how you can get started on your Flutter development journey.
Tweet of the Week 🥇
Gautier 💙
Did you know?

Apple / Google recommends never hiding a navigation bar on a mobile app.

little thread 🧵
#flutterdev #flutter
Deven Joshi 💙
Experimenting with recreating iMessage-like effects (here the laser one) with @getstream_io ⛵️ in Flutter today.

Honestly guessed the Z transforms so could improve that in the next iteration, but consider this my unofficial entry into the Stream Chat UI challenge 🤷‍♂️
That's all folks 👋
Thank you for checking out another edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly!
As always, if you think I missed something or would like to include your content in a future edition, please reach out to me on Twitter, my DMs are always open :)
I hope everyone have a great week 😎🚀
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Neevash Ramdial (Nash)

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