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The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Flutter Festivals, C++ interop and more!

The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Flutter Festivals, C++ interop and more!
By Neevash Ramdial (Nash) • Issue #5 • View online

Can you believe we are in the last week of March?! 🤯
With Google IO, WWDC, and many other tech conferences are fast approaching, what are you most excited for? The early features in Android 13 look promising. The changes to notification permission caught my attention (one could argue that it was “borrowed” from iOS, but that’s a conversation for another day 🤪). 
Before we dive into today’s letter, let’s congratulate Sumith Pd for being the winner of our Flutter Apprentice giveaway 🎉.  
Blogs ✍️
Whether you are looking for an extra level of device performance or want to use your favorite native library with Flutter, FFI allows developers to unlock another level of productivity and features in their application. 
Marvin Sanchez teaches us how you can port an existing C++ application to Flutter. 
If you spend more than two minutes in the Flutterverse, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Code Generation. 
In his blog post, Divyanshu Bhargava teaches us to reuse code using Mason and CodeGen. 
Samet Çilingir teaches us how to manage state using GetIt, Mvvm & MobX. Read along to learn how you can implement and scale the Mvvm design pattern in your applications. 
Material You was by far one of the biggest additions to Android 12. Applications that implement the Material You API can set their color scheme to match the user’s wallpaper, resulting in a more personalized user experience. 
In his blog post, Vinay Tiparadi shows us how we can implement the Material You API in Flutter and make our apps feel a bit more personal. 
Videos 🎥
At the heart of most state managers live Flutter’s Inherited Widget API. Diegoveloper gives us an overview of the Inherited Widget API and how the raw API can be used to pass state around in your applications. 
Flutter is great at building pixel-perfect UIs. Gordon Hayes takes this one step further by cloning Instagram’s UI and turning it into a functional app using Stream’s Feeds API. Follow along to learn how to build a working Instagram clone in two hours! 
If you prefer reading, Gordon also wrote a step-by-step tutorial.
New to Flutter and want to learn a few hidden tricks to make your development life easier? Then look no further, Flutter Mapp made this video just for you! 
Apps with Flutter span many different categories and genres. In this short from the Flutter team, learn how Lotum migrated their app of 250M+ users to Flutter. 
With new packages coming out every day, it is easy to miss lots of great new packages on Lucky for us, SyntacOps made a great roundup of the best new packages released to 
Noteworthy Community Moments 💫
Flutter events are in full swing, and coming up this week is Flutter Festival Germany. Join the meetup to learn how you can monitor performance and errors in your applications, share your Flutter widgets with Widgetbook, and much more! 
Did you complete a puzzle for the Flutter Slide Hack? 
Flutter Gems created a dedicated page to showcase the amazing submissions from Flutter devs worldwide. Check out their Slide Puzzle showcase to view and play some of the submissions shared by the community. 
If you somehow missed Flutter London or could not tune in live, the recordings from both days are now on the Flutter Community Youtube channel and available for everyone to watch. 
Did you attend Fluter London? Share your favorite talks on Twitter for everyone to check out! Simon Lightfoot (The FlutterWhisperer™️) will be retweeting 😉.
As I was finishing today’s newsletter, shared the new version of Flame for Flutter! 
Flame is a game engine written for Flutter, and the new release includes a reworked collision system, restyled docs website, and much more! Check out the link above to read the full release notes and learn how you can build your first game with Flutter! 
Tweet of the Week 🥇
It was a great pleasure hosting 85+ 🙌🏽attendees in our #FlutterFestival🥳🥳. Thank you all who attended our 1st ever physical event, we had a great audience who are now motivated to learn #flutter. Thanks to our community partners @gdg_kisumu @GDG_Kisii & all the organizers 💪🏽
Andrea Bizzotto 💙
What's the best project structure for medium/large Flutter apps?

Most likely, there's no "right" answer that works for all projects.

So let's explore two popular approaches known as "feature-first" and "layer-first" and learn about their differences.

Thread. 🧵
That's all folks 👋
Thank you for reading another edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! I hope you enjoyed this edition and found something new. 
If you have a post you’d like to see featured in the next edition, please reach out over Twitter. My DMs are always open.
Until next time, write tests and ship beautiful apps 😉😎
– Nash 
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