The Flutter Bi-Weekly

By Neevash Ramdial (Nash)

A bi-weekly Flutter newsletter for busy developers ☕️🤓

A bi-weekly Flutter newsletter for busy developers ☕️🤓

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The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #7

Welcome to another edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! A third of the year is now behind us, and we are entering everyone's favorite period, tech conference season! Over the last two weeks, I completed the rebuild of my website and started reading an interestin…


The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #6

Why is Flutter Fast? — Part 1: Sublinear BuildingWe all know Flutter is blazing fast but do you ever stop to ask the question, "What makes Flutter fast?".Cagatay Ulusoy answers this question in the first of his three-part blog posts focused on the inner worki…


The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Flutter Festivals, C++ interop and more!

Can you believe we are in the last week of March?! 🤯With Google IO, WWDC, and many other tech conferences are fast approaching, what are you most excited for? The early features in Android 13 look promising. The changes to notification permission caught my at…


The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #4

It's hard to believe that this release is the fourth version of The Flutter Bi-Weekly; where did the time go! Thank you to everyone who subscribed, provided feedback, and, most importantly, created excellent Flutter content for the community. To give back, I …


The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Hello desktop and meetups 👋

How easy creating a macOS app with Flutter is in 2022?With Flutter's entry into the desktop space, the question arises, how easy is it for Flutter developers to create applications for desktop platforms?Guillaume Bernos attempts to answer this in his latest b…


The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Full-Stack Flutter, Conferences & more!

Welcome to the second edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! Thank you to everyone for their kind words and support during the launch, especially after the domain issues 🙈.There are tons of fantastic announcements, conferences, and content to cover, so let's jump …


The Flutter Bi-Weekly - Issue #1

Welcome to the first edition of The Flutter Bi-Weekly! 🥳You might be wondering, why another developer newsletter? Great question! The goal of Flutter Bi-Weekly is to curate the best of Flutter in a simple and easily digestible format. Content will be sourced …