A Brush with Life

By Terrill Welch Gallery

A Brush with Life is the good bits! Insider stories, discoveries, snippets, opinions, new works and shows for fans and art collectors of Terrill Welch Gallery paintings. Published every 2nd Friday.

A Brush with Life is the good bits! Insider stories, discoveries, snippets, opinions, new works and shows for fans and art collectors of Terrill Welch Gallery paintings. Published every 2nd Friday.

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A Brush with Life - Issue #94 A Lonely Painter Living in a Box of Paints

With my toes curled up under a blanket my mother made for me almost 20 years ago, using the colours from my much-loved small flower garden at the time, let’s review my ten favourite paintings from 2021. With 44 paintings sold out of my inventory and only 29 n…


A Brush with Life - Issue #93 Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings!

I have been studying the work of the Swedish painter Karin Mamma Andersson as part of my Vancouver Island School of Art “Landscape Painting Now I” course with Wendy Welch. We are about nine or ten weeks into this weekly three hour online adventure. I took the…


A Brush with Life - Issue #92 Mudslides Floods and More Rain Coming

When faced with adversity I most often paint. Paintings are good to express things when it is harder to find words. We arrived back on Mayne Island the Thursday evening of November 18th. I put a yellow acrylic ground in a 8 x 8 inch square canvas in a lamp li…


A Brush with Life - Issue #91 It’s Okay to Ask Sometimes

Thank you to each and everyone of you who participated in this special “by invitation only” private offer. Your ongoing patronage and support for this next gallery adventure is deeply appreciated.P.S. if you feel you should have received a special “by invitat…


A Brush with Life - Issue #90 The Dance I choose is Painting

This first work is done but edges still need to be painted. It is a seascape is inspired from along the Strait of George shore at Edith Point on Mayne Island.“Morning with an Unsettled Salish Sea” by Terrill Welch 16 x 20 inch walnut oil on canvasArtist notes…


A Brush with Life - Issue #89 Soft Belly of the West Coast

The smallest painting is 6 x 6 inches and the largest is 36 x 72 inches. Some will have show frames and others are presented with 1.5 inch painted edges. Yet, regardless of differences, each painting leaves the viewer with the feeling that this is the West Co…


A Brush with Life - Issue #88 West Coast Autumn

The results seem to foreshadow the inevitable, west coast winter is coming. There is a heaviness under those cascading blues.


A Brush with Life - Issue #87 Bigleaf Maple Leaves Drifting Down

I have a new work completed in what started out being a temporary studio during our renovation to create a main floor bedroom. Now it seems I might keep this as my home studio, even though it is full south exposure. This painter has always had to be adaptable…


A Brush with Life - Issue #86 Cozy Season

With anticipation of this change in season, we launch a new solo show. Cozy up in your woollens with west coast storms, snow and sublime landscapes by Terrill Welch that is showing from August 31 to December 23, 2021 in the gallery’s Garden Room. One wall of …


A Brush with Life - Issue #85 Wild Seas and Last Call

Secure and diverse housing, including dedicated rental housing are all part of creating and sustaining healthy communities. As you might guess, this project is near and dear to my heart. If I had more time, I would be participating directly in a more substant…


A Brush with Life - Issue #84 Fourth Anniversary and Rare Opportunity

Considering the unusual and unprecedented year we have all had, it seems worthy of something a little extra special in a shared recognition of what we have accomplished. Don’t you think!? I thought long and hard about what this could be. As you may already kn…


A Brush with Life - Issue #83 No Moving Mountains

As you might remember from our last issue, I have been painting a grand view live on a large 36 x 72 inch canvas in the gallery’s Arbutus Room. People come in while I am painting and say things like “I live just over there behind that hill” and the another pe…


A Brush with Life - Issue #82 Mayne Island Summer

The weather is cool enough again that I worked in the studio last week. A light breeze up the valley was its usual sea-breeze-freshness rather than a blast of hot air. Most pleasant! What I was working on was a small painting sketch of a scented rose that one…


A Brush with Life - Issue #81 Summer Show Opens - Next to the Salish Sea

The walk-in hours are increasing as provincial and national travel to and from Mayne island is again welcomed. The gallery’s Arbutus Room is available for walk-in viewing 10-4 Tuesday to Sunday through the support of Vania Williams at the Dragonfly, our neigh…


A Brush with Life - Issue #80 Stepping Lightly

Through her paintings in this solo exhibition, Terrill Welch invites us to stand with her during this unique space and time, together. We shall open up in ways that we have never thought mattered, by design, filled with purpose, rising towards possibility. Do…


A Brush with Life - Issue #79 Mindfully Opening

For now, let’s see what we have to share...


A Brush with Life - Issue #78 Steady As She Goes

This past two weeks has seen a smaller Arbutus tree painting completed and ready for sharing...“Morning Gifts at Saint John Point” by Terrill Welch, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches.


A Brush with Life - Issue #77 Promises and Edges

When we sit with Elena Maslova-Levin’s work, there is a deepening awareness of how we might construct our visual understanding based on past experiences, be they from life, other paintings or prose and poetry.


A Brush with Life - Issue #76 Shows Seagulls Landscapes and Master Painters

Though waiting on a final photograph, all done! “A Gull’s Day” by Terrill Welch, 30 x 40 inch walnut oil on canvas...


A Brush with Life - Issue #75 Our Brick-and-Click Gallery Polka

After I had gathered up the plein air gear and plunked it down on the small island in the middle of the Japanese Garden and painted, it was nice to see this quick sketch be whisked away to a new home days later. The painting has arrived safely and is hanging …