A Brush with Life

By Terrill Welch Gallery

A Brush with Life is the good bits! Insider stories, discoveries, snippets, opinions, new works and shows for fans and art collectors of Terrill Welch Gallery paintings. Published every 2nd Friday.

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A Brush with Life - Issue #89 Soft Belly of the West Coast

Early mornings are filled with mist in the half-light of sunrises or rolling seas pressed against pewter grey skies. Golden hour lengthens our stride beneath curving arbutus, tall fir and cedar trees as we listen to the echoing calls of a raven winging its ...


A Brush with Life - Issue #88 West Coast Autumn

The southeasterly winds can bring rains across our valley straight sideways at times during a west coast storm. It is a time when I am thankful for good waterproof hiking shoes and a rain jacket. After our summer drought, the rains are welcomed, even when I...


A Brush with Life - Issue #87 Bigleaf Maple Leaves Drifting Down

Walking through the park at Georgina Point, I watched the Bigleaf Maples (ACER MACROPHYLLUM) releasing their leaves on a light breeze in the afternoon sun. The ferry whistles as comes through Active Pass and I wait in the golden light for the wake to break ...


A Brush with Life - Issue #86 Cozy Season

Our days shorten and the air cools as the visual light warms with the lower angle of the sun. We prepare for cozy season which is just an affection way to refer to fall and winter.


A Brush with Life - Issue #85 Wild Seas and Last Call

First things first. This is last call, last chance, final reminder! However one says it, this is it for the gallery’s rare opportunity which is….Until midnight PST, on my birthday, August 28, 2021, with the purchase of any painting available by any of our a...


A Brush with Life - Issue #84 Fourth Anniversary and Rare Opportunity

Monday August 1st was the Terrill Welch Gallery’s fourth anniversary. Though it was 2010 when I started working full-time as a landscape painter, it wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to put my energies into representing my own work almost exclusively rather ...


A Brush with Life - Issue #83 No Moving Mountains

Change the angle of the rocks, shift the trees, leave out a fence but it is best not to move the mountains! These large objects are often our most significant directional anchor. This is important to any of us who still use North, East, South and West to ge...


A Brush with Life - Issue #82 Mayne Island Summer

Our summer art shows are up and everything is ready to welcome visitors - just in time! The gallery had both rooms open Saturday between 11-2 with over 35 walk-in guests. We haven’t spoken to this many people at one time since the summer of 2019. Pheewwwf!T...


A Brush with Life - Issue #81 Summer Show Opens - Next to the Salish Sea

On our bellies leaning over a dock in Horton Bay, bracing against the winds in a storm to capture large rollers coming ashore or lengthening our stride along a forested seaside trail are all part of life on Mayne Island next to the Salish Sea. Our recent mo...


A Brush with Life - Issue #80 Stepping Lightly

An essential rush of early dawn drapes over the curves of an Arbutus tree along the Mayne Island shore. Waves roll up and separate into cascading jewels. Seagulls rest in a moment of quiet communion. Dreams and memories meld into imagined and remembered pla...


A Brush with Life - Issue #79 Mindfully Opening

New art shows will be opening in the Terrill Welch Gallery in June. We will also begin to again have a few walk-in hours available for both of our gallery rooms, starting with this Saturday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. We are mindfully opening in a slow and thought...


A Brush with Life - Issue #78 Steady As She Goes

As we sail along in our ship of life and work through recent times, it is reassuring to be able to refrain that everything is “steady as she goes!” There are neither storms nor drought impacting the seas of our daily lives or the gallery overall. We are tra...


A Brush with Life - Issue #77 Promises and Edges

When we take on something new or we let something go, there are always shifts and changes in the familiar rhythms of our days. The studio lives of artists are intimately familiar with these shifts. Sometimes, we even welcome these changes because cracks of ...


A Brush with Life - Issue #76 Shows Seagulls Landscapes and Master Painters

We, at the Terrill Welch Gallery, are feeling a little like seagulls resting in Mayne Island’s recent sun. It is a time of pause or waiting while much is going on behind each rush of northwesterly wind across the Strait of Georgia. The gallery rooms are ope...


A Brush with Life - Issue #75 Our Brick-and-Click Gallery Polka

Recently, we were introduced to a new art term “brick-and-click” that refers to galleries that have both a physical space and online access to browse and purchase art. It is kind of like a polka as we switch back and forth between in-person and online - fas...


A Brush with Life - Issue #74 The Painting Forest Bather

In Japan, sometime in the 1980’s, a term developed called “shinrin-yoku” or “forest bather” in English. It means to take in the forest atmosphere or mindfully be in our natural world. The benefits of forest bathing has now been part of studies and can even ...


A Brush with Life - Issue #73 New Show From Away

Landscape painters, like the rest of us, yearn to freely travel again. There is something about discovering a new stream, stretch of beach or an alley in a centuries old city that will always easily spark inspiration. Right now, these adventures are on hold...


A Brush with Life - Issue #72 Painting Between Waves

A little less than a foot of snow blanked the southwest coast and our small island this past few days. Early blooming spring flowers withered as temperatures dropped below freezing. Still, the art shows must go on and we take you between the waves of past a...


A Brush with Life - Issue #71 Room That Art!

The gallery has been plagued with a vexing problem for years and we have just found a great solution. One of the biggest challenges of showing artwork online is determining its scale or size in relation to other aspect of a room you might like the painting ...


A Brush with Life - Issue #70 When Daylight Arrives

January on the southwest coast of Canada can leave the small Gulf Islands with long nights, high winds and power outages. It is not a matter of if it will happen but rather when and how long the storms will last. However, planning and resilience and just pl...