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A Brush with Life - Issue #19 When things might not go as imagined

It could be a painting in process, an elite boutique in full renovation mode, the world’s projected p
A Brush with Life - Issue #19 When things might not go as imagined
By Terrill Welch Gallery • Issue #19 • View online
It could be a painting in process, an elite boutique in full renovation mode, the world’s projected population or the weather. But there are often times when we must reset our anticipated outcomes. This issue is about releasing and embracing what, at first, was unexpected.

A new painting comes to “rest”
I swore! A couple of times! Which didn’t help at all, in case you are wondering. Back to the folder of video and photograph references for the umpteenth time. Then down to the actual location, looking, searching, feeling and taking more photographs. Back to the winter studio, pick up brush and apply paint. The painting and I both came out the other side but it was close ;) More about the process in the link below…
Sailing Through The Trees – almost a finish | Creative Potager
Unexpected visit with a favourite teacher
Rubbing Shoulders with Art Ghosts | Creative Potager
Renovation Reveals 1674 Painting
What would you do if you were about to open shop in Paris and, when the plaster came down on the back wall of the second floor, the Charles-Marie-François Olier, Marquis de Nointel et d’Angervilliers, Louis XIV’s ambassador to the Ottoman Court was eyeballing you?
The Treasure Behind the Wall - The New York Times
What I am reading
As an educated, practicing feminist and leader for the bulk of my previous professional career*, before I becoming a full-time artist, I always understood that educating girls would create the biggest culture, economic and global change towards equality we could possibly muster… but are we there yet? Seems we might be, at least on the education end of things and I am itching to read more about the findings in this new book just released Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline by John Ibbitson and Darrell Bricker. However, the results may not be the long-term results I expected. I purchased the kindle copy and have started turning the pages. In the meantime, here is an interview with the authors about their findings.
The World Might Actually Run Out of People | WIRED
*Yes, I have a major in Sociology, a minor in Women Studies, most of masters degree in Gender Studies, a graduate certificate in Executive Coaching and six months training in small business development - along with many years in various senior leadership positions for non-profit and the Provincial government. All this was accomplished while I was a part-time artist and a single parent with two young children. Don’t ask me how I managed it, but I did. Let’s just say I treasure my leisurely wake-ups to coffee in the day-bed and long quiet walks each day. And I deeply value the fact that I can now work full-time as an independent artist with a small gallery, structuring my schedule to fit in other demands and desires. I sometimes volunteer my previous work skills for such thing as advising or chairing research into affordable housing. It’s a good life but it hasn’t always been and often still isn’t easy. Thankfully, I have a whole team of supporters!
Setting intentions for Spring
From Wednesday February 6, 2019
Setting intentions for SPRING! 
Only -4 here this morning and a balmy +16 inside, even with the in-floor hot water heating working its hot-out 😉 I turned on the little space heater to give it a hand until the sun comes around. We will then warm up to a toasty +22 from the passive solar. 
However, the next few days look grim for the southwest coast of Canada! 
The forecast issued at 05:12 Wednesday 06 February 2019
…Snow for the South Coast Thursday night and Friday… 
…Bitterly cold arctic outflow winds Friday night and Saturday…
Full Stop. 
Might just be a little hard on more than the early rose buds, I am thinking. 
So this is when I decided to set an intention for spring. In my vision the robins have taken off their down vests and winter scarves. There is perfume in the air from hyacinths and my favourite daffodils. A butterfly has just fluttered past and my feet are bare as I walk across the grass, just missing a giant colour slug…. okay, no slug….. But, if you want, you can join me and share this post or your own spring intention reference. 
Spring is just around the corner, I am sure of it! 
P.s. Yes, it is much colder in many other parts of Canada. I have been hearing well below -30 even -50 with the windchill factor. But Spring will arrive, even to these parts of Canada.
Spring Intentions by Terrill Welch
Spring Intentions by Terrill Welch
What is YOUR favourite sign of Spring?
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