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Ten Minute Startup - Tinder for home buying

Ten Minute Startup - Tinder for home buying
By Ten Minute Startup  • Issue #6 • View online

Back Story:
Right now I’m looking to buy a house for myself. It’s pretty tedious. I want to pull my hair out! I have to look at many homes on,,,, and many other home buying websites, or I have to go talk to a realtor have them print out pages or look on their website. So I was thinking why not someone build a tinder app but for home buying?
The Idea:
A tinder style swiping app to find your next home in your area.
Trying to find the perfect home is hard. It involves visiting many homes before you find the right one. Trying to find a home on a website is hell.
The app should make finding your next home super fun, instead of pure tedious hell.
Similar to tinder, you would build an app where customers can swipe left or right on pictures of homes. You would show users pictures of different rooms to help them find their dream home.
You should build a feature where you give them the ability to pair with their partner. This would sync up their answers to find homes they both like. Additionally with enough data you would be able to suggest homes based on the styles of homes they already like.
  1. Email List: You might not think of this as a likely first step, but using an email strategy tie-in with your app is a fantastic way to get more engagement from your customers, which in turn leads to more money.
  2. Advertising: If you aren’t including ads in your app, you might be missing out on a phenomenal opportunity for monetization.
  3. Sponsors & Partnerships: If you can secure a partnership with another brand, you can significantly step up your monetization game. What you’ll need to do is find a partner with a similar customer who base an add something to the experience of your users.
  4. In-App Purchases: Your business can choose to provide users with the opportunity to purchase your products directly from the app (in the case of physical items) and have them shipped. Or, if you’re a business that offers services.
Steps to Launch:
 I would start with a tinder style pre-built app and plug in home data. Getting a home swiping beta in customers hands as soon as possible will help validate this idea.
Ways to Promote This APP
  1. Start a blog
  2. Use Social Media
  3. Create a Intro video of your app
  4. Contact writers in this niche
  5. Contribute to online conversation
  6. Have share rewards
  7. Start a community
  8. Host a give away
  9. Hire a PR Firm
  10. Advertise
  11. Find a Partner
  12. Become a guest blogger
  13. Contact your local community about the app
  14. Blast your app on indiehackers, etc forums
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