TQE Newsletter

By Mazyar Lotfalian and Michael Scroggins

Notes and missives on technology and social life

Notes and missives on technology and social life

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TQE Newsletter - Issue #6

This month Mazyar and I turn TQE over to Shreeharsh Kelkar who turns over the assumptions of (and about) surveillance capitalism and asks if the commonly invoked intellectual precursor, behaviorism, helps or harms our understanding of surveillance capitalists…


TQE Newsletter - Issue #5

by Chris DarrouzetParker Neff was scrolling through conservative posts on Facebook when he saw an unfamiliar hashtag: #WWG1WGA. Recently retired after serving as a Southern Baptist pastor for more than 20 years, his time was free and curiosity piqued. "I star…


TQE Newsletter - Issue #4

– By CPDA text is not a text unless it hides from its first comer, from the first glance, the laws of its composition and the rules of the game.One should note…what writing will be accused of—repeating without knowing—…One thus begins by repeating without kno…


TQE Newsletter - Issue #3

Aesthetics and Politics of TrumpDonald Trump's 4th of July trip to Mount Rushmore defines his aesthetic desires. His repulsiveness, vulgarity, and populist impulses come together in his wish to see his face carved bluntly next to the founding fathers. Reporte…


TQE Newsletter - Issue #2

As a contemporary critique of Marx's theory of labor, McKenzie centers on how digital information has rendered his theory of labor value superfluous (see, for instance, Philip Mirowski). He shifts the basis of production from scarcity (socially necessary labo…


TQE Newsletter - Issue #1

The TQE is a monthly newsletter that publishes a mixture of short commentaries, cultural/critical theories, and curated articles. We hope to contribute to interdisciplinary networks of social thinkers and practitioners by creating a forum for intellectual exc…