The TKC Communiqué

By Tony

News, notes and all manner of AWESOME from Kansas City's worst blogger.

News, notes and all manner of AWESOME from Kansas City's worst blogger.

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The TKC Communiqué - The Day The Newspaper Died

KANSAS CITY STAR FAKE NEWS ABOUT CHIEF'S RETIREMENT EXPOSED!!!This is the "turning point story" that features a newspaper brazenly pushing a narrative that NOBODY will endorse on the record. It's garbage that more people are calling out. Close watchers of the…


TKC Communiqué - FUNdemental Disagreements



TKC Communiqué - Coming To Grips With Kansas City



TKC Communiqué - Round World After All

Defund Destroys KCPD Numbers


TKC Communiqué - Not Exactly A Love Letter But Close Enough

Another Message From Kansas City Streets


TKC Communiqué - Midweek Look

Local Control Takeover By Way Of Defunding Police?!?


TKC Communiqué - Monday Roundup

Because Activist Tourism Never Helped Anyone


TKC Communiqué - Mayor Q Sends Open Invite to Afghanistan

Mayor Q Needs All The Friends He Can Get


TKC Communiqué - Kansas City COVID Crackdown Cont'd

Kansas City Booster Vaxx Begins . . .


TKC Communiqué - Filthy With News

Dredging Up Homeless Neighborhood Inside Dirt


TKC Communiqué - Thursday Cray

News Possibly Paid For By Some Aspiring Kansas City Politico Living In A McMansion Out By The Airport


The TKC Communiqué - Midweek COVID Delta Edition

Executive Decision


TKC Communiqué - Sunday Inspirado

Latest Weekend Kansas City Murder Report


TKC Communiqué - Kansas City Saturday News Peek

Cowtown Murder Crisis Cont'd


TKC Communiqué - Summer Scandal

Demand For Justice Or Political Theater Depending On How Your Last Traffic Ticket Worked Out!!!


TKC Communiqué - Saturday Sizzle

Kansas City Kindly Rejects Drug Screening As Recreational Weed Effort Moves Forward


TKC Communiqué - Council Dude Bunch Recall News FIRST On Our Dumb Blog!!!

Will it work??? You tell me. Developing . . . Peace,Tony


TKC Communiqué - Midweek Bump

Murder Starts The Kansas City Morning


The TKC Communiqué - What Did Kansas City Learn This Week?!?

Community Copes With Deadly & Violent Crime Surge


The TKC Communiqué - Issue #28

Rock Chalk Plague Warning