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TKC Communiqué - Not Exactly A Love Letter But Close Enough

The TKC Communiqué
TKC Communiqué - Not Exactly A Love Letter But Close Enough
By Tony • Issue #43 • View online
Friends, it has been too long.
There’s a lot to catch up on and we hope this update will provide a nice review for those of us with a bit of spare time this evening on the toilet or elsewhere.
It’s important to have standards for your writing … Decent browsing material for those atop the porcelain bowl is about the level to which we aspire … Thankfully, that’s better than most local content.
Let’s get started …

Kansas City Hot Topics Tonight . . .
Another Message From Kansas City Streets
Artists Organize Repainting Of Kansas City BLM Street Murals
Protest at ‘No Means No’ rally at KU fraternity turns violent in Lawrence
Progressive Councilman Recall Count Underway
More Than 1200 Extra Kansas City Voters Sign Recall Against Councilman
Courthouse Considers Homeless Help Redux
Horrible Jackson County Idea: Convert Jail Into Homeless Shelter!!!
Housewife COVID Culture War Worsens
Johnson County Group Draws More Scrutiny As It Plans Events Pushing For End To School Mask Rules | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.
D-Day For Rae’s Tomorrow
Court hearing scheduled for Wednesday on whether Rae's Cafe can reopen
Flower Power Redux: Growing Interest In Mostly Worthless Story About Kansas City Code Crackdown
Wildflowers or weeds? Under Kansas City code, it’s a matter of management
Churning Out Sunflower State Content
700-pound butter Buffalo sculpture on display at Kansas State Fair
Lost Years In Kansas City Recounted
The GOAT Discounted
Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs jersey slips to No. 5 on NFL's top-seller list
Deets About Politico’s Deal
A Kansas lawmaker accused of kicking a student in the groin got probation after pleading guilty to lesser charges
Show-Me Top Level COVID Vaxx Order Push Back
These stories are important if only because they should inform us that “vaccine hesitancy” isn’t something that has magically appeared. Instead, it’s a product of the political discourse that values talking points and short-term victory over building consensus.
Missouri Gov. Parson: 'All options on the table' to stop Pres. Biden's vaccine mandates
House-less Factor Into Kansas City Developer Schemes
Kansas City Riverfront Homeless Apartments Proposed
Across The Nation & Around The World . . .
For those who might have forgotten, we pick these news links as they apply to Kansas City or just because they stand out and require a moment of reflection and one of our dumb-ass headlines.
Realization: Tax Hikes Threaten Reelection Chances
House Democrats take step back from Biden on tax hikes | TheHill
Does Anybody Want To Hear Lectures On Civility From A Guy Who Started Two Wars?!?!
George W. Bush just threw a whole lot of shade at Donald Trump
Old School Poke Coming Soon?!?
Covid: Booster jabs for over-50s expected to be announced - BBC News
The Cost To Be The Boss Keeping Getting Worse
Tuesday's CPI report likely to show inflation continuing to run hot, putting the Fed in tough spot
Fashioning Macroeconomic Theory
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sent a Message With Her First Met Gala Appearance
Fiery Prez Comment Quickly Extinguished
White House abruptly cuts feed of Biden mid-sentence as he asks question at wildfires briefing | Fox News
MAGA Doesn’t Believe In Recall Process?!?!
More bad news for GOP in California recall, with Trump claiming election 'rigged'
AOC Claps Back Against Old School Terminology
‘Weird, patronizing behavior’: AOC lets rip at Manchin’s ‘young lady’ remark | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | The Guardian
Supreme Consequences Await Us All
Abortion providers warn of 'chaos' if Supreme Court overrules Roe v Wade | TheHill
Social media making political polarization worse: report | TheHill
Talker Shares Honesty About Duplicitous Debate Tactics
Tucker Carlson Admits: ‘I Lie if I’m Really Cornered or Something’
Social Media Unfollows Traditional Content Rules
Twitter did not violate election laws when it throttled Hunter Biden article, FEC rules
Iran From Nuke Deal
Iran Nears an Atomic Milestone - The New York Times
Former First Lady Readies Comeback
Melania Trump ‘will be right there’ if Donald Trump runs again - POLITICO
Odds & Ends According To TKC . . .
Safely Unpacking Pr0n & Sex Biz Contradictions
How to support sex trafficking survivors without harming consenting sex workers
Confronting Royal Trouble
Prince Andrew wants to remarry Fergie: report
More Deets On Golden Ghetto Burger Biz
Whataburger plans to beef up presence in KC metro with two new Overland Park locations
Space Tourism Takes Off Amid Worsening Class Warfare
SpaceX is about to send its first crew of private citizens to space - The Verge
Freedom Is The End Game
A couple of weeks ago we feared that TP panic had reemerged but that seemed to be just a bit of journalistic disaster pr0n - Like those stories about meteors coming close to Earth or movies created for the sole purpose of inspiring your wife to think about divorce.
Don’t worry … This isn’t one of those meandering philosophical sections of the newsletter.
Here at TKC we focus on solutions.
Accordingly …
The new new hotness as we prep to delve into the second horrible COVID winter is toilet matters.
Already we know that mainstream news threatens to muddy the perceptions of a public health crisis with stinky politics …
With Newsom poised to win California recall, another indication COVID politics may be starting to favor Democrats over Republicans
And so, rather than hope that paid liars get serious about protecting their constituents.
We realize that locals might have to save their own behind.
And so …
This isn’t a recommendation but simply something to consider …
Bidets are the new hotness for this next part of the pandemic.
My family doesn't use toilet paper for butt-cleaning anymore. We've switched to bidets, and we're not going back.
Caveat …
Don’t blame TKC if you’re standing next to a toilet wet, crying and cursing a misguided home improvement project.
Installing one of these things isn’t as simple as it seems.
Still, bidets offer some small level of independence from panic buying and supply chain problems that are becoming increasingly common for Americans.
Accordingly …
We don’t claim that reading TKC will save your ass.
We simply want to provide a refreshing alternative amid a shit storm of bad advice that has dominated this time of plague in Kansas City, the nation and the world.
Did you enjoy this issue?
By Tony

News, notes and all manner of AWESOME from Kansas City's worst blogger.

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