TKC Communiqué - Kanye & Candice Destroyed My Faith In Everything



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The TKC Communiqué
TKC Communiqué - Kanye & Candice Destroyed My Faith In Everything
By Tony • Issue #60 • View online
If the legacy of COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we’re all entitled to our “bad days” amid an increasingly dangerous and complex world.
Today is one of mine after I learned of devastating news.
The headline came my way last night and now I know how people must’ve felt when they learned that John Lennon was shot dead or that the beautiful & strong ladies of K-pop band BTS were really dudes.
On one of my many “doom scrolls” this tidbit emerged:
“Kanye West Sparks Romance Rumors With Model Candice Swanepoel”
I can only hope that this is some kind of cruel hoax or maybe that Zuck’s “metaverse” is really just the simulation that we’re all living inside of and it’s about to collapse back into itself and hopefully start over into some kind of kinder, gentler world wherein the dreams of humble basement blogger aren’t mercilessly crushed by a guy who had 2 good songs on a decent hip-hop album 15 years ago.
No, I’m not being dramatic and I’m taking the news exceptionally well given the only worse option that could’ve emerged is that the world’s most beautiful super model dug up Hitler and started dating him … Or maybe if she started dancing like a doofus on TikTok with Jackson Mahomes.
We should all consider ourselves lucky.
Things can always get worse.
And with that … We share some of our favorite recent stories on the blog and that we’ve seen in the wild …

Mayor Q takes a rare public safety win amid his ongoing war with police and Missouri’s GOP …
Street Murals Make Kansas City Safer?!?
TKC Openly Weeps Today … Only because we had hoped & imagined that our favorite hottie in all of the world has better taste in music …
Kanye West and Candice Swanepoel are dating
Everybody should get a free ride to the Vineyard …
Reporter on MSNBC says migrants 'not angry at DeSantis,' but are thanking him for Martha's Vineyard flight | Fox News
Kansas City Public Toilet Scarcity Part Deuce
Superstar Crossroads?!?!
America's Christian majority is on track to end as more leave religion : NPR
Amanda Adkins Attacks Incumbent Amid Recession: 'Nice Job, Sharice'
Show-Me Special Session Tax Cut Support?!?
Social Media Trending Complaint: Nobody Will Ride Kansas City Bus If It Sucks
Feds Want Suspected Dirty Cop Golubski Locked Up As Horrific Allegations Emerge
AG Schmitt Skips Low Rent Debate In Favor Of Televised Contest
A power play that might or might not provide more (taxpayer subsidized) places to charge your phone was well …
Kansas to receive $39.5 million for electric vehicle charging network
Cursed Mission Gateway Money Reconsidered For Fifth Time
Fiat always has the final word …
Joe Biden Just Sent A Stark Warning To Bitcoin And Crypto After $2 Trillion Price Crash
It’s not REALLY a party until a guy with a bufallo horn hat shows up …
George Conway said Trump is threatening to incite violence if he gets indicted: 'It's just like January 6 all over again'
Documentary hyperbole exposed …
Filmmaker Ken Burns says DeSantis’ relocation of illegal immigrants 'out of the authoritarian playbook' | Fox News
Not sure if this means that accepting friend request from “drunk uncle” is required …
5th Circuit upholds Texas law forbidding social media ‘censorship’ — again - POLITICO
I had two surgeries to get Kim Kardashian’s butt — it was the worst pain ever
‘Lewd’ couple has sex in transparent swimming pool as crowd watches
Historic & Rising Violence Thwarts Vibrant Kansas City Hip-Hop Scene
Kansas City Public Info Crackdown Sparks EPIC Resignation
Downtown Kansas City Stadium 'Owner's Rep' Almost Explained
Even more links & snark …
And so . . .
We can only hope at least some of this stuff was useful.
What we’re working on for Sunday …
KCMO election season is already underway.
Backstory on some of the players hard at work.
Another power move by Mayor Q is having an impact beyond his contest.
Did you enjoy this issue?
By Tony

News, notes and all manner of AWESOME from Kansas City's worst blogger.

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