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TKC Communiqué - Kansas City Saturday News Peek

The TKC Communiqué
TKC Communiqué - Kansas City Saturday News Peek
By Tony • Issue #34 • View online
It was an eventful week and we’ve got a lot to cover and review.
In this update we share a retrospective of recent events along with worthwhile stuff in the current news cycle.
Check-it …

Kansas City Topics Always Come First . . .
Cowtown Murder Crisis Cont’d
Kansas City 2021 Homicide #87 Investigation After Deadly Gunfire
Council Recall FINALLY Earns Coverage
Kansas City pro-police group launches effort to recall Councilman Eric Bunch | The Heartlander
Po-Po On The Move
Parson signs police reform bill, including KCPD residency change opposed by mayor
Will Kansas City Party This Weekend Despite COVID Delta Surge?!?
Kansas City Cash Crunch Coming Soon
Many across Kansas City metro in need of help as nationwide eviction moratorium ends
Political Celebrity Testimonial
Jason Kander Supports Mayor Q's Kansas City COVID Mask Mandate
Another Fight With City Hall
18th and Vine District business owner hopes lawsuit will spur city to renovate blighted properties
Say Hello To My Little Friend
Kansas Sick & Confused
As COVID Concern Grows In Kansas, So Does Confusion Over Who Is In Charge
Show-Me Sinking Feeling
Number of Missouri drowning deaths increasing in 2021 | News |
Tragic Trap Alleged In The Dotte
Family of man missing in Kansas City, Kansas say he was lured to hotel, never seen again
Important Equity Head Check
Actually, this is one of the few useful reports we’ve seen in the recent news cycle and reveals not only career opportunities but also an important note about real life mental health issues for local as the pandemic persists.
For Black Kansas Citians seeking therapy, having a Black counselor makes a difference
Healthcare Industrial Complex Cont’d
Survey shows few hospitals complying with ‘price transparency’ in reporting cost of services
Across The Nation & Around The World
Cleaning Up Prez Biden’s Public Image
Staffer passes Biden note saying 'Sir, there is something on your chin' | Daily Mail Online
MAGA Confronts Tax Time
IRS must turn over Trump tax returns to Congress, DoJ says | Donald Trump | The Guardian
Congress Confronts Arguments
Tensions in the House of Representatives boil over after 1/6 hearing and mask rule
Building Consensus In The Senate
McConnell stirs GOP intrigue with support for Biden’s infrastructure bill - POLITICO
Prez Trump Backs Up Tough Talk
Trump defends his comments about election after release of DOJ notes | TheHill
Crafting Medical Messaging For Americans
US vaccinations rise but White House frustrated with media ‘alarmism’ | Coronavirus | The Guardian
Vlad Steals Sunshine
Russians Tied To The SolarWinds Cyberattack Hacked Federal Prosecutors, DOJ Says
Fall Of Kabul Coming Soon
Afghanistan: Fighting rages as Taliban besiege three key cities
House Cleaning And Then Some …
Osama bin Laden was found because his family hung their clothes out to dry
COVID Redux In China
In China, A Coronavirus Delta Variant Outbreak Spreads To 15 Cities
In Nicer Local News . . .
Talking Local History
Northeast News | 195: Kansas City Museum with Chris Bosch and Mark McHenry - Northeast News
South Side Salsa Debuts
Pablo Sanhueza and the KC Latin Jazz Quintet kick off Jazz Vespers concert series in south KC
Bubba Starling delivers 2 RBIs as US baseball wins Olympic opener
Teachable Moment Discounted
Parents use Kansas City-based website for budget friendly back-to-school items
Cowtown Classroom Hero Emerges
Kansas City man using power of social media to help fulfill teacher's wish lists nationwide
Comic Releif Coming Soon
Stars of ‘Impractical Jokers’ coming to Kansas City in December
Might-T Good Offerings Coming Soon To Midtown
WyCo Vintage — boasting world’s largest collection of vintage tees — opens second sister-shop on Broadway
Kansas City Geek Out Adds More Guests
Planet Comicon Kansas City announces new guest additions for this year's convention
The Who/What/When/Where of Yoli Tortilleria’s Marissa Gencarelli - In Kansas City
Kansas City Head Check Considered
Kansas City-area sports psychologist weighs in on Simone Biles putting mental health first
And so . . .
THANK YOU for making it this far …
We’ve got a few surprises and fun stuff coming up for the afternoon in a couple of hours.
If only they would have finished the job & saved KCMO a few million bucks . . .
If only they would have finished the job & saved KCMO a few million bucks . . .
And if we haven’t mentioned it already …
Did you enjoy this issue?
By Tony

News, notes and all manner of AWESOME from Kansas City's worst blogger.

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