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TKC Communiqué - Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Not A Comeback Edition)

The TKC Communiqué
TKC Communiqué - Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Not A Comeback Edition)
By Tony • Issue #49 • View online
Friends … Tonight, rather than catching a bad case of COVID BA.2 with of the amateurs in Westport … We take a quick moment to put a bit of life back into this sleepy outlet for our blog community.
We aren’t promising a comeback but we want to take the newsletter out for another spin and see how it runs …
At best, this will simply offer a bit of reading material for late night denizens waiting for an Uber back home or killing time under the toilet bowl.
Let’s get started …

Top O' The Blog . . .
These are just a few stories that we think stand out and deserve further consideration …
KCMO Begging For Cash Again . . .
Here's The Beef . . .
Kansas City Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue Advises Against Ordering Brisket or Burnt Ends
Ghost Gun Postscript . . .
Affidavit: Olathe East shooting suspect fired five rounds before being wounded by school SRO
Disgraced Guv Isn't So Tough
Truck Stop Debated
Somebody Called The Feds On Kansas Senator Roger Marshall
Paddy Plays With Funny Money
Patrick Mahomes NFT: Maybe You Should Just Buy A T-Shirt?!?
The Dotte Might Have To Pay BIG BUCKS . . .
Lamonte McIntyre seeks $93 million from Kansas City, Kansas, for 23 years wrongfully imprisoned | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.
Around The World . . .
A few more headlines that we didn’t have time for in one of our compilation posts …
Level Up: Name Calling Against Nuclear Power
Biden raises stakes with allegations of Russian war crimes | TheHill
Totally Devoted To Former Prez Trump?!?
Why some GOP voters just can't quit Trump | TheHill
Winning Media War At Least . . .
The influencers behind the Ukrainian PR machine - POLITICO
Supreme Questions Emerge
U.S. Supreme Court nominee Jackson a tough sell on racial-bias claims | Reuters
Irish Smootchies Regretted?!?!
Covid-positive Irish prime minister leaves event where he sat next to Pelosi - POLITICO
Tax Dude Smiling Makes Everybody Nervous
IRS chief Chuck Rettig expects tax return backlog to clear up by end of 2022 | Fox Business
Turning Nightmare Into Future Dreamers
U.S., Mexico Prepare for New Migrant Wave as Inflation Surges
Fighting Words From Afar
Why are so few Americans willing to defend their country? | The Spectator
Odds & Ends . . .
Nancy Pelosi marks St Patrick’s Day with poem by Bono about Ukraine | Nancy Pelosi | The Guardian
As If Lockdown Wasn’t Bad Enough
Signet Jewelers Says Weddings Will Hit a 40-Year High This Year
Stellar Booty Call Worth Studying
NASA admits it may be time to study sex in space ahead of Mars missions | Daily Mail Online
A Decent Bit Of Community News Gathering
Kansas City St. Paddy's 2022 Blast: Parade Of Local News
Hottie End Game
Hooters girls praise 'thong' booty shorts – and fought over who wore them first
St. Paddy's 2022 Epilogue . . .
Today seemed like a turning point for Kansas City.
The crowds were larger than most expected and it seemed like locals were ready to pick up where they left off.
Sadly, news watchers have to consider that, yet again, this comeback might be temporary …
Fresh COVID wave expected to hit the US as Omicron subvariant and patchy vaccination rates drive surge in Europe
Nevertheless …
Today it was important to enjoy the sunshine, walk around in a goofy green shirt and feel nice about the clerk telling us “good luck” when be bought a lottery ticket.
Just checked … Didn’t win. So I guess I’ll keep blogging.
We hope to see you back at TKC for the (mid) morning update. Until then, I told my 70-something tia that I would take her to Westport later this evening IF she promised to punch the first person who looked at her cross-eyed.
Take it easy.
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By Tony

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