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TKC Communiqué - Celebrate Triumph Before The Russian Winter???

The TKC Communiqué
TKC Communiqué - Celebrate Triumph Before The Russian Winter???
By Tony • Issue #59 • View online
Don’t worry, TKC is far more familiar with the Napoleon Dynamite screenplay than than the ancient adventures of a mostly forgotten Frenchman.
However …
The History Channel taught me that both Napoleon and Hitler thought they had the Russians beat before Winter. And then their remarkably similar plans FAILED. This time around, we can only hope that a former stand up comedian from the Ukraine isn’t making the same mistake. I can’t help but COMPLETELY TRUST the military judgement of a guy who played piano with penis back in the heady days of 2016.
Meanwhile, closer to home …
Everything seems right with the world as we get a taste of pumpkin spice season and Chiefs winning the Super Bowl after only one game against a glorified expansion team.
Again …
What could possibly go wrong???
It’s a simple question that a Star Trek redshirt typically asks long before they are avenged by our heroes.
Here at TKC we don’t respect journalism enough to really sweat the details and instead merely serve to provide a bit of snark and skepticism with recent headlines.
Here’s a taste …

The Daily Dose . . .
Kansas City Chiefs Commit 'Cultural Taxidermy' Damage???
Kansas City GO Bond Nov. Vote: Tax Increase Blank Check Scam
Mum Of Youngster Victim Disagrees With Britt Reid Plea Deal In Court
Putin’s strategy to weaponize winter | The Hill
This local dude might be KC’s version of Putin given his horrible media persona … Even if so many pretend to believe that suspects are innocent until proven guilty …
Suspected Kansas City Lawyer Killer David Jungerman Trial Starts Today
Bubba Wallace Wins At Kansas Speedway & Nobody Cares?!?
Rigged Subreddit Provides Earned Media For Despised Kansas City Council Dude Bunch
Sweden's far-right make gains in tightly contested election, results too close to call
Nearly two dozen GOP governors pen letter to Biden, criticize him for taxpayer-funded student loan handouts | Fox News
Exclusive: 'I'm just not going to leave': New book reveals Trump vowed to stay in White House | CNN Politics
Guv Kelly Claps Back Against COVID School Closing Criticism: No Apologies
Show-Me Guv Parson (Not So) Special Session Tax Cut Hot Mess Kick-off
This story could be inspiring but PROBABLY should be watched seriously and not with Kleenex nearby …
A Sex Trafficking Survivor Is Turning Her Trauma Into Porn
'Right out of "Macbeth"': A woman's killing shines light on Mexican Mafia power struggle in Inland Empire
The Last Flan-Dango … The great people of Spain teach us a bit about the importance of advocacy and fighting for your right to party …
Spanish sex club owners, workers protest prostitution bill - ABC News
Mixed feelings about royalty abound even in mourning:
New monarch gives fresh impetus to Scotland's independence debate
Russian TV pundits openly questioning war in Ukraine following devastating counteroffensive | Fox News
Happy couple rift might be Kansas City’s best chance to win another Super Bowl …
Gisele Bündchen posts photo from Tom Brady wedding amid marital issues
Tik Tok Says The BBL Era is Over! This Black Woman Has Some Thoughts
As always we have more links with a local spin in our regularly scheduled compilation post …
Kansas City Turnabout: Prez Besties Doubted, Merch Season & Russian Retreat Reported
And so . . .
We had some fun putting this note together and might keep going along this path. As always, feel free send us a note about anything about this compilation or anything we’ve written.
Did you enjoy this issue?
By Tony

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