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TKC Communiqué - Caddyshack & Clausewitz

The TKC Communiqué
TKC Communiqué - Caddyshack & Clausewitz
By Tony • Issue #51 • View online
I’m hoping that our most loyal & KICK-ASS TKC readers save this one for later or maybe use it only for toilet reading on this otherwise beautiful Saturday.
Still, we thought the afternoon was a perfect time to share more than a bit of local news and other topics that have been on our mind.
Let’s get started …

Local Topics For Today . . .
There’s always news in KC, right now these items stand out …
Baristas Boycott Work
Walk This Way
BikeWalkKC Wants To Ruin Streets Throughout The Metro
Legal Consequences After Tragedy
Lawsuit After Deadly Amtrak Shooting Demands 100 MILLION BUCKS
Closer Peek At Upcoming Slush Fund
Kansas City 'Community Policing & Prevention Fund' By The Numbers
Price-Tag For Justice In The Dotte
Wrongfully convicted Kansas man who spent 23 years in prison sues for $93m | Kansas | The Guardian
Cost To Be The Boss
AFC Teams Are Overspending to Compete With the Kansas City Chiefs - Sports Illustrated Kansas City Chiefs News, Analysis and More
Cowtown Hipsters On Wheels
Ready to skate? Go for a spin at these Kansas City roller rinks | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.
Additional Concerns . . .
Vlad Escalates Violence
Russia fires hypersonic missile as ‘destroyed’ Mariupol pleads for help amid fighting on streets
Election Season Story Reconsidered
Reminder: These 50 Intelligence Officers Claimed, Without Evidence, That New York Post’s Hunter Biden Story Was Russian Disinformation | The Daily Wire
Ohio GOP Senate debate turns nasty as Gibbons and Mandel go nose-to-nose - POLITICO
Culture War Legal Postscript
Kim Davis violated gay couples’ rights in denying marriage licenses, judge rules | Kentucky | The Guardian
Meet The New Crew Outside Of Home Depot
Millions of Ukrainian refugees are fleeing: Where are they going?
Progressives Patronizing Critics Is No Secret
‘Let Me Tell You A Secret’: AOC Channels Her Inner Joe Biden By Whispering About Capitalism On Instagram | The Daily Caller
Chattering Class Talking Point Hotly Debated
‘That’s Our Reality’: Glenn Greenwald Blows Up Media’s Collusion To Shield Hunter Biden | The Daily Wire
Tragically Spilling The Tea
Police Shot, Paralyzed Black Man Who Was Grabbing Tea From Car: Lawsuit | HuffPost Latest News
Cruelty Is The Safest Bet
Deconstructed Podcast: Are Prices “Engines of Chaos”?
Show-Me Another Serving Of “PizzaGate” Fear
Leftist Pundit Elie Mystal Accuses Sen. Hawley Of Trying To Get Biden SCOTUS Nominee Killed | The Daily Caller
Allegations After Curtain Call
As a movie buff, TKC is slightly disappointed that this dude might have only been acting like a nice guy …
Yet Another Ex of William Hurt Says He Beat Her for Years
Who is Sophie Anderson? Porn star says her 32JJ breast implant EXPLODED in the shower | MEAWW
Blast Off After Build Up
Funny Man Gets Serious
Bill Murray: ‘We are afraid to die and afraid to kill’ | The Independent
Consequences For Contemplation
Bill Murray Catching Heat for Pandemic Comments in New Interview
News Gathering This Weekend
No Winners When Nukes Detonate
There Are No Heroes in a Nuclear War
According To Clausewitz . . .
This phrase is often misquoted but, nevertheless, today it rings true:
“War is the continuation of policy with other means.”
The quote is attributed to Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian general and military theorist who stressed the “moral” (meaning, in modern terms, psychological) and political aspects of war.
The phase seems romantic for armchair generals and keyboard warriors trying to prove a point but I’ve always found it a bit scary because it basically implies that leaders are ready to starting slap-fighting when they can’t lie their way through the political process - Which is easier than most would care to understand.
Similarly …
Most adults realize that most of what we witness on the “news” is nothing more than bad theater … Even if it concerns people losing their lives or facing incredible hardship & suffering.
And what inspired a quick consideration of the quote was a glimpse at Ukraine attempting to work for peace behind the scenes and before most of their cities are reduced to rubble.
Mixed signals from Ukraine’s president and his aides leave West confused about his endgame
The main question from this article:
If Russian President Vladimir Putin can use military force to compel political change in Ukraine, he could use the same tactic elsewhere, U.S. and European officials fear.
As we’ve mentioned before on the blog … For all the cheap talk about heroism … The merit of real leaders should be judged on how effectively they work to protect the lives of their constituents; this is as true in Ukraine as it is in Kansas City.
And so because we’re not trying to pretend to understand the implications of international policy …
As Kansas City enters police budget talks, warmer weather, inevitable rising violence and our silly election season … We can only hope that all of these local campaigns and so many empty promises which always accompany them aren’t just a power grab that’s slightly easier than punching voters in the face and taking their hard earned cash.
Again, all we can do is hope …
And try to get prepared to duck & cover.
Also, I’m gonna try to make the outro for the newsletter a bit more lighthearted next time around … Because this was kind of depressing and KC isn’t nearly as bad as Ukraine even if our pothole filled streets sometimes seem like a war-zone.
Did you enjoy this issue?
By Tony

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