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The TKC Communiqué - What Did We Learn This Week???

The TKC Communiqué
The TKC Communiqué - What Did We Learn This Week???
By Tony • Issue #50 • View online
In this quick update we take loyal readers through some of our top posts and a few more things we think are worth sharing.
Take a peek …

Local Concern . . .
Yet Another Serving Of Beef
Don't Blame Prez Biden For Higher Brisket Prices At Kansas City's Arthur Bryant's BBQ!?!
Hype Unmasked?!?!
Show-Me Next COVID Mask Mandate Right Around The Corner?!?!
About Allies And Rallying Cries . . .
Kansas City Rallies Around Ukrainian Club
Curation Is Kind Of Our Thing . . .
Cowtown Defund Rewind
Don’t Discount How Voters Decide
Guv Kelly Right Fight State Grocery Taxes?!?
Fueled By Snark
No Mercy On Your Wallet
Kansas City Keeps Raising Taxes Amid Recession Fears!!!
Also Of Note . . .
Vlad Not Ready For Prime Time?!?
Putin vows Russia will prevail in Ukraine but glitch hinders TV | Reuters
Couple That Plays Together
Porn star whose boob exploded gets X-rated gift from boyfriend in hospital bed - Daily Star
Newflash: Fake German Heiress Fibs
Nobody Will Follow You To Denmark
This country has been named the world’s happiest for the fifth year in a row
Paddy Talks Trash On Veggies
Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes: 'Tomatoes are garbage'
In The End, We All Just Want To Help
Sir Mix-A-Lot To Sell NFTs Inspired By Hit Song 'Baby Got Back' To Raise Money For Colorectal Cancer
The Season Of Political Junk Mail Arrives . . .
A quick pet peeve that we neither progressives nor conservatives will ever address …
Despite higher inflation, rising gas prices and the threat of nuclear annihilation … We notice there’s no decline in the amount of junk mail that local politicos are willing to send.
Democratic Party denizens don’t seem concerned about destroying forests of trees and conservatives aren’t bothered about the big government post office carrying their weight.
Admittedly, getting too upset about this is a losing cause.
Most political insiders understand they have only one second to convince voters with their mailers … We think that’s being generous given that most of it goes directly in the garbage.
Accordingly, we hope you’ve found something useful in this blast. Have a good weekend!!!
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By Tony

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