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The TKC Communiqué - Springtime For Whoever . . .

The TKC Communiqué
The TKC Communiqué - Springtime For Whoever . . .
By Tony • Issue #52 • View online
As one of my favorite old school hip-hop celebrities once sang:
Congratulations to those of us who (barely) made it through the “dark winter” promised AND DELIVERED by Prez Biden.
This season of hope has many challenges ahead and so we share these links, stories and pithy insights in order to help our blog community decipher our world … Or at least provide a worthy distraction during family gatherings.
Now, let’s check the news together …

Cowtown highlights . . .
Counterintuitive Considerations
Kansas City Public Transit Free Rides Limit Growth Potential?!?
More Deets On Worker Demands
Overland Park Starbucks' employees go on strike
Tragic Legacy In Kansas
Allegations Confront Kansas Priest As Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis Persists
Show-Me Victory Over Masks?!?
Schmitt drops lawsuits against Missouri schools
State House Political Chat Snoozer . . .
To be fair, we wouldn’t link it if we didn’t think it was important. HOWEVER, if the insights were actually worthy of debate, they’d be on the blog. This one is just for political junkies who want the MSM list of people on the ballot without much excitement.
4Star Politics: Status check with 6 months to general elections
Cinematic Renaissance For 18th & Vine?!?
Black Film Series and Black Movie Hall of Fame to be Launched at the 2022 Kansas City Film Festival | Festivals & Awards | Roger Ebert
Making a Change: Pitch your plan to improve KCMO
In Other News . . .
Supreme Debate Ahead
What to expect from the Senate confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson : NPR
Show-Me Local Connection To Supreme Fight
Republican Hawley’s attack on supreme court nominee Jackson is wrong, says senator | US supreme court | The Guardian
RINOs Rebuked
How the GOP's dirtiest slur got a new life - POLITICO
Top Doc Warning Repeated
Fauci warns Americans could face more lockdowns amid spread of new COVID-19 variant
Blue Wave Recedes
Democratic gains in legislative maps might not last long | AP News
Belt Tightening Mean Tweet Clap Back
Twitter bashes Bloomberg's advice on how to deal with inflation: Eat beans, take the bus, skip getting chemo for your sick dog
Safety Concerns Downplayed?!?
Women This Week: Violence Against Asian American Women Sparks Concern, Fear | Council on Foreign Relations
Spring Shootings Bounce
3 wounded in Miami Beach Spring Break shooting
Dire Prediction From War Zone
Volodymyr Zelensky warns of WWIII if another round of Ukraine peace talks fail with Russia | Daily Mail Online
Escalation Overhead
Ukraine war is backdrop in US push for hypersonic weapons | AP News
Refugees On The Move
Mariupol says thousands deported from besieged Ukrainian city | Reuters
Sky Still Falling
Both of the planet's poles experience extreme heat, and Antarctica breaks records : NPR
Tee Time Questions
Controversial Saudi-Backed Tournament Reportedly To Be Held At Trump Golf Course
When You’re Not Watching The News
A pastor finds joy through the Lenten practice of birdwatching | Earthbeat | National Catholic Reporter
Jackson County Disqualifications . . .
We wanted to make this facet of the blog just a bit more useful, so let’s talk about disqualifications for the upcoming Jackson County Primary.
KICK-ASS readers have noticed:
Stephanie Burton is OUT in the 2nd District At-Large Race.
Draque Murff didn’t make it the cut for the 1st District.
It’s uncertain if this qualifies as news but it’s worth considering given that new district lines are going to make at least two of the upcoming primaries a bit more interesting than usual.
Here’s the narrative that mainstream news will pick up on in a couple of months …
The Jackson County Democratic Party stronghold is becoming more diverse as more power shifts to people of color.
However, the implications of the transitions are unclear. Missouri remains an avowedly red state and let’s not forget that Jackson County voters overwhelmingly voted to keep the Andrew Jackson statues despite controversy and outcry over racist symbolism. So this isn’t exactly “Portland on the Plains.”
At least not yet.
As always, we hope you found some of this useful. Have a good Sunday.
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By Tony

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