The TKC Communiqué - Regarding All Manner Of Royals



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The TKC Communiqué
The TKC Communiqué - Regarding All Manner Of Royals
By Tony • Issue #61 • View online
Today they’re putting Queen Elizabeth II to rest and there are all manner of hot takes on the topic that shouldn’t merit much attention from the peasant class in rougher corners of the world.
However …
In general we don’t like spitting on anyone’s grave and all of the pomp and circumstance is kinda nice given that a good portion of my scumbag relatives had to be torched cremated because nobody could put together the cash for a proper burial.
Millions of people will watch today’s ceremonies, share their silly insights and then continue eating chips or some other garbage whilst maybe watching the KC Royals struggle to avoid losing 100 games amid this wasted season.
It’s all very touching and should be regarded as a moment in history that deserves attention if not respect. Like that one time former American 1st Lady Jackie O. was the victim of an unwanted paparazzi beaver shot published for all the world to see because she made the mistake of ditching the “American Royalty” Kennedy mob and hooked up with a Greek dude without REALLY wanting to do the horizontal boogie with the swarthy gentleman in exchange for access to his billions. I’m not here to judge … All is fair in love and tabloid journalism.
Similarly …
The only old ladies TKC is willing to seriously consider are those who gleefully cast off the shackles of tradition and debase themselves in new and exciting ways. After reading a great many articles about the sexual vitality of older women … I’m not only hopeful about the future but just a bit curious if GILF pr0n is as hot as some of my contemporaneous have claimed. Example: There’s a 46-year-old OnlyFans hottie who says she’s so happy with her new career in smut that she’s willing to post saucy pix until her 70s.
And just to bring us full circle …
And that kind of sacrifice reminds me of a silly sentiment from the former king of American college football …
Legendary Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz once said: “Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.”
But let’s not go too far down memory lane …
Funerals can often serve as occasions to look forward. For instance, in doing “research” for this newsletter update we learned that there are nude photos of King Chuck and his royal tally wacker out there …
Accordingly …
This new epoch for “the crown” might not be as important as the previous era but should be fun nevertheless.
And all of THAT inspires a quick review of newish stuff on the blog right now …

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And so . . .
This was a fun update but we’re still not sure about the link portion of this newsletter.
Also …
We’re working on more early election insights for the next big update. We’ll keep you posted as we thank KICK-ASS READERS for tips and insight.
Have a good Sunday.
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By Tony

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