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And we’re back.
It has been a busy few days and what we like more than anything about this newsletter is that we return after a brief respite and our most KICK-ASS readers can check this message at their leisure.
So let’s get started with just a bit of catch up and a peek at topics that we didn’t have time to cover on the blog …

Push back against effective right wing talking points is now in full gear. This KCUR reports offers a glimpse at the agenda from 12th & Oak.
Kansas City Public Radio Defends Mayor Q Defunding Police
Developer Power Play Offers A Preview Of High Stakes Streetcar Extension Real Estate Speculation That Doesn’t Give A Damn About Kansas City’s History
Kansas City Katz Building Held Hostage For Tax Break Ransom
Local Teachable Moment Coming Soon
The metro is watching this case closely if only to “rage” one way or another.
Harrisonville School Board votes on fate of teacher accused of using racial slur | News |
Cowtown Seyz: Send More Stimmy!!!
Infrastructure bill includes money for several Kansas City-area projects
Growing Complaints Against KCPD
This is a trend to watch. Community complaints against KCPD are on the rise and this testimony from a grieving mom is exceptionally heart breaking not matter which side of the debate readers may land and whilst the local quotient of violence steadily rises.
'Something has to change': Cameron Lamb's mother speaks after lawsuit filed
KCPD In Their Own Words: City Hall Budget Cuts & Power Plays Have Been Demoralizing
Kansas City Police Departures DOUBLE Over Last Year!!!
Deadly Country Club Plaza Violence Worsens Kansas City’s Reputation Among Tourists
Witness recounts talking with suspect moments before deadly shooting at Plaza hotel
Because Our TKC Blog Community Seems Strangely Concerned With The Fate Of The Amish
Amish community vaccine rates trail behind as they put faith in God's will and herd immunity
Sounds Like Nobody Cares About The Rules This Week
Fourth of July: Where is it legal to shoot off fireworks in the Kansas City area?
Local College Lovin’ Life Lesson
Why MCC students and employees are concerned about its relationship policy
TKC Favorite Link Of The Week & Only This Newsletter Allows Us To Share Fun Stuff
See how a rainy day helped this turtle at Gorman Discovery Center in Kansas City hide her eggs
Local Water World Retold
Five Things You Don’t Know About Kansas City's Iconic Fountains  - In Kansas City
Kansas City Crime Story Redux
Northeast News | Hardee's employees frustrated after repeat robber set free - Northeast News
Real Life Local Opinion Is Rarely Politically Correct
Kansas City Sinking Feeling This Summer
Flooding causing frustrations at home, on roads across Kansas City metro
Police Supporters On Social Media Dispute An EXCELLENT Performance From Mayor Q
Kansas City Police Supporter Contradicts Mayor Q Interview
Kansas City Kangaroo Commuter College Hops On Board Toy Train Hype
UMKC Proposing Student Housing, Retail by Planned Streetcar Terminus
This Week’s Rain Has Brought Down About Half A Dozen Buildings Across The Kansas City Metro
Show-Me Practicality
At The Last Minute, Missouri Legislature Passes Medicaid Funding Tax | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.
Kansas Dividing Lines Subject To Political Gamesmanship
4 ways Republicans could redistrict the only Kansas Democrat in Congress out of a job – Welcome to Wyandotte Daily!
Cowtown Summer Drinking Season Comeback
The 87 best bars in Kansas City right now
And so . . .
THANK YOU for indulging us with this late night blast that helps us get back on track and helps to share more than a few items that deserved a bit of special attention from the most KICK-ASS readers in our blog community.
Hope to see you back on the blog in the morning!!!
Did you enjoy this issue?
By Tony

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