The TKC Communiqué - Kansas City Will Probably Never Love King Chuck



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The TKC Communiqué
The TKC Communiqué - Kansas City Will Probably Never Love King Chuck
By Tony • Issue #58 • View online
Forgive this insight about rich white people but it’s a good starting point …
Very much like the late lady Di, it’s doubtful that Kansas City will ever have much affection for the new monarch in Great Britain.
Then again … The former princess wasn’t smart enough to stay on the winning side of history and avoid getting smeared along the road in an accident that still haunts Tom Cruise to this day.
(Damn you pop culture for poisoning my mind!!!)
Anyhoo …
This is not really important but we currently find ourselves in era that demands affection for things that most people don’t REALLY seem to like … When they’re being honest.
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Hip-hop produced after 1997
  • Public Transit
  • ¾ Tesla offerings
  • Taylor Swift
Accordingly …
In this age of feigned sentiment and forced laughter, we share some headlines that might help readers search their feelings, release their anger of just read whilst on the toilet.
Let’s get started …

What Does “Decarcerate” Mean To You???
Because I can’t find it in the dictionary …
Kansas City Kickoff Against Missouri Police Funding Amendment 4
Prez Biden Busts Your Budget
Kansas City 2022 Inflation Hits Double Digits
Kansas City Comeback Takes Hold
Kansas City 4th District Challenger Henry Rizzo Reveal EPIC Endorsement List
Next Poke Debated
Kansas City Star Reports COVID Fading & Begs Readers To Get Bivalent Vaxx
Gun Charge Double Standard?!?
No Consequences For Kansas City Chiefs' Frank Clark After Gun Plea???
Flowing With Cash . . .
Big Money Moves Across Bridge: Kansas City Northland Enjoys Luxury Housing Boom
Tragic Postscript . . .
Investigation Clears Overland Park Police In Shooting Death of John Albers
Aftermath In Kansas
Kris Kobach resigns from We Build the Wall after Bannon and group charged with conspiracy | The Independent
Show-Me Election Advocacy Flying High
EXCEPTIONAL Local Journalism
An Inside Look Into Kansas' Current Fentanyl Crisis
At Least The Brits Up Chuck
Teary-eyed King Charles III waves to crowds shouting 'God save the king' | Daily Mail Online
Starlet Dream Of Tucker
Tucker Carlson Reacts to 'Major Hollywood Starlet' Jennifer Lawrence Having Nightmares About Him
Battle Ahead . . .
KICK-ASS TKC Reader Suggestion: Unpacking Ukraine's Latest Offensive
Nobody To Stop Them
After Queen’s Death, Prince Harry and Meghan Return to Royal Spotlight as Hollywood Projects Launch - WSJ
Tasty Kansas Demise Reported
Lawsuit claims wildlife services failed to protect Kansas’ lesser prairie chickens
Show-Me Life Lesson Downgrade
Heritage Foundation ranks Missouri schools dead last in academic transparency, Top-10 in all other categories - The HeartlanderThe Heartlander
Taking It Personally In Kansas City
Dox Debate Cont’d . . .
DOJ and Trump each propose 2 special masters for Mar-a-Lago probe - CNNPolitics
Rocket Man Exit Plan Exposed
North Korea will ‘automatically’ launch nukes if Kim killed- POLITICO
Perspective On Tonight’s Run Through . . .
Why Women Don’t Like Sex as Much as Men | Psychology Today
El Papa Fears Armageddon
Pope Francis says World War III is closer than ever
Just A Few More Local Links
Kansas City Saturday News Look: Climate, Queen, Crashes, Speeches & Sausage
And so . . .
Sadly … This newsletter still hasn’t taken shape but we enjoy doing it and have a few more ideas we want to try out in the coming days.
And thanks for reading.
Did you enjoy this issue?
By Tony

News, notes and all manner of AWESOME from Kansas City's worst blogger.

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