The TKC Communiqué - Celebrating The Kansas City World Cup Scam



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The TKC Communiqué
The TKC Communiqué - Celebrating The Kansas City World Cup Scam
By Tony • Issue #53 • View online
Of course the World Cup is a scam … But here’s the thing: So is EVERYTHING else.
For our part, we think that one of the greatest signs of maturity is realizing that pro-sports is rigged. Millions of bucks worth of revenue isn’t decided by a bouncing ball in much the same way that our vote and/or social media opinion doesn’t count as much as we’d like to think … But that’s a note for another day …
Right now we want to focus on the fantasy that soccer is going to save this cowtown.
First and foremost, on this side of the planet fútbol is mostly enjoyed by people South of the border. And it’s hard for anyone to imagine that KCMO wants to invite more Mexicans to this town. On the bright side … There’s no need to worry about parking at Arrowhead given that three Chevys packed with our paisan could probably hold a crowd that would fill Arrowhead.
The benefit for hotels, local restaurants and another chance to extend the streetcar is a bit trickier. The civic impact of “mega-events” is always hard to gauge.
Real talk …
Typically, the people who profit most from a large influx of tourists are prostitutes.
It’s possible that there’s some kind of ancillary benefit for doctors and purveyors of hemorrhoid cream several days down the line … But I digress
The point here is that it’ll be hard to find a benefit for the average Kansas City resident whilst the money that local leaders want to spend for these games might be better used on fixing local potholes, sewers, hiring more police or providing free, reusable bullet proof vests for weekend Westport patrons.
Finally … As we approach midterms it’s hard to not to lose faith in all things concerning local Democracy. Today the former, disgraced Missouri Guv aired a “RINO Hunting” clip that was mostly just a troll designed to garner publicity. There’s a show-trial that’s still making nationwide news after snitches helped organize an actually scary riot that seemingly didn’t know how the electoral college works. And AOC STILL seems to that calling peple La-Tinx is something other than an insult.
Sorry, we wish there were some solutions we could offer but the answers are probably hidden in Ashley Biden’s diary and THAT is getting shipped off to the same gubmint building where they keep the Ark Of the Covenant that Indiana Jones looted from a 3rd world country which the Bush family likely bombed years later.

And all of that inspires us to share some of our top links, stories and headlines for today …
Show-Me Today's EPIC Troll . . .
Eric Greitens Breaks Internets With Shotgun 'RINO Hunting' Clip
Mayor Q Promises Big Bucks
Kansas city mayor: $50 million in renovations coming to Arrowhead Stadium | Sports |
Poor Little Rich Lady . . .
Former Mayor Sly's Daughter Shares Trauma From Private School Microaggressions
Rising Concern
Kansas City VA Raises LGBTQ+ Flag
Shut Down By Any Other Name . . .
KCPS 'Consolidating' Means Massive School Shut Down For Dying District Coming Soon
Workplace Out Of Money . . .
Survey Seyz Kansas City Salaries & Raises Stay Losing To Inflation
Cowtown Corporate Slice Of Life
H&R Block Celebrates Pride Month With Gender Transition Surgery Benefits
Roundup & Realization That Linking On The Blog Is Just A Big More Fun . . .
Kansas City Link Pool News Layout: Leadership & More Free Money
Latest Lady Murdered . . .
Kansas City 2022 Homicide #71: Woman Shot Dead This Morning
Cowtown Sound Rediscovered
Kansas City's raunchy blues queen | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City
Value Proposition . . .
Would You Still Pay 20 Bucks Per Month To Watch Kansas City Royals Lose?!?
Across The Nation & Around The World . . .
In this one we dig deep to share some of our favorite news links from today … Along with snarky headlines of course …
White House Complains Of "Fake News" Now
Biden takes shot at reporter saying recession could be inevitable: 'Don't make things up' | Fox News
War Games Renewed
Russia can't guarantee that American vets captured in Ukraine won’t face the death penalty
Housing Crisis Cont'd
Here's why this housing downturn is nothing like the last one
American Scorcher Impact
Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat
GOP Under Attack
Kinzinger shares threat to family | The Hill
Best Shot To Beat Plague . . .
Comparing the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines for young children
Cartoon Kiss Cursed?!?
'Lightyear' — Disney Film with Same-Sex Kiss — Underwhelms on Opening Weekend | CBN News
JLo Name Game . . .
Jennifer Lopez introduces one of her twins with gender neutral pronouns | CNN
Show Fight Insight . . .
Boxing: Logan Paul doesn't think brother Jake can knock out Floyd Mayweather | Marca
Tech Haterz Abound . . .
Racism could ruin the metaverse if tech doesn't improve diversity now, CTO warns: 'It absolutely is a problem'
About To Get RAIL . . .
Rail strikes: Biggest strike in 30 years to go ahead as talks fail - BBC News
Billionaire Confronts Family Drama
Elon Musk’s Son Files To Change Gender, Name To End Relationship With Father
Tech Resting Place
Internet Explorer's final resting place: as a 'world-class joke' in South Korea - CNN
Today's Inspiration . . .
I ditched my job as a priest to become a porn star at 83
Finally . . . A question for close readers . . .
If/when they finally build the lady soccer stadium and/or global climate change doesn’t kill us all before 2026 …
What are your plans for enjoying KC women’s pro-soccer or the World Cup?!?
We’ll post any decent answers on the blog.
Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the next note.
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By Tony

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