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The Cohere Newsletter #7: A Focus On Network Science and Public Spaces

The Cohere Newsletter
The Cohere Newsletter #7: A Focus On Network Science and Public Spaces
By Bill Johnston • Issue #7 • View online
Greetings Community Aficionados!
It’s been a while since the last issue of the Structure3C newsletter. My apologies!
I’ve decided to restart the newsletter under the new moniker of the Cohere newsletter because:
  • I’ve begun the second season of the Cohere podcast (with Dr. Lauren Vargas), and there are a lot of sources, articles, and research papers we want to share out;
  • I’m essentially producing a weekly newsletter for the Cohere Mastermind (a private group for Community & CX Leaders), and I wanted to start sharing that content as well, and;
  • We are hitting the apex of another “community hype & hope cycle” - but, this time feels different. We have mass adoption of social & collaboration platforms, last-mile internet issues being solved, and exponential technologies increasingly driving disruption. Our community models need to evolve to navigate this change in a human-centric way.
In short: Constant disruption requires constant learning, collaboration, and change. We hope Cohere can be a nexus for you.

The Cohere Podcast
[Podcast] Why Community Leaders Need to Understand Networks: With Bill Johnston and Dr. Lauren Vargas — Structure 3C
Digital Publics
📏 Who Makes the Rules Online And Why Do We Follow Them? - New_ Public by Civic Signals
Introducing the Public Interest Internet | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Before the Web: The 1980s Dream of a Free and Borderless Virtual World –
Thanks for reading!
The plan is to send the newsletter between 3-4 times a month with the best finds from our research, writing, and podcast.
I hope you will find the newsletter valuable. Feel free to drop me a line (just reply to this email) to let me know what you think, what you are working on, or just to reconnect.
If you no longer want to subscribe, simply unsubscribe (link just below in the footer).
Onward! ✌️
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Bill Johnston

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