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Structure3C News: The Future of Networks | AI & Communities
By Bill Johnston • Issue #3 • View online
I have a confession to make: I’ve got networks on my mind. I read Joshua Cooper Ramo’s “The Seventh Sense” while on vacation in Switzerland, and the concepts really resonated. The main idea in the book is that we need to develop something akin to network intuition in order to “to look at any object and see the way in which it is changed by connection.” After reading the book, I found myself replacing "community” with “network” in my consulting work, and more expansive and strategic ideas are the result. I highly recommend the book, and you will notice the theme of “Network Thinking” throughout the newsletter content this month. 
I hope you find this newsletter useful. Ping me anytime if this sparks an idea, if you disagree, or if you want to talk about any of the concepts further. Seriously, hit reply and let me know what you think (or just say hi)!
Best regards,
Bill Johnston

The Future of Networks
Last week I was in Washington D.C. to lead my team of Rand Fellows as we presented our community research findings to the Life Reimagined Institute. Our research project involved creating a small community with 120 people and guiding the community through a collaborative process of personal purpose discovery, refinement and actualization. The results? Significant improvement on 12 of 20 psychosocial variables we benchmarked & measured, including increased happiness, resilience, and meaningfulness. Participants also had significantly decreased feelings of loneliness & depression. I talked about the “Power of Purpose” in my last newsletter, and now we have compelling the data to prove the model.
The takeaway? We have an opportunity (and a growing need) to think about building new types of communities, and we are discovering new methods for creating meaningful engagement and driving positive outcomes (in addition to revenue). Its an exciting time in the social, community and collaboration space as tools and methods evolve to take advantage of the evolving global market opportunities. I’m tagging all of my research and writing on this theme as #FutureOfNetworks & #FoN.
To Develop a Community, Think Network First
The Next 30 Digital Years: Kevin Kelly [Podcast]
AI & Agents
In thinking about the future of networks, you need to include devices (IoT) and agents (IoAI?) in the mix as well. Peer to peer will soon become peer to device and / or agents. Consider what happens when millions of instances of Siri, Alexa and their cousins start to participate in our social networks - then the fun really begins.   
How Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence Are Evolving the Digital/Social Experience
Summer Reading
The Three-Body Problem
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