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Structure3C News: AI & Community Research, Power of Transformational Purpose

The Cohere Newsletter
Structure3C News: AI & Community Research, Power of Transformational Purpose
By Bill Johnston • Issue #6 • View online
Dear Communiteers,
Welcome to the late summer edition of the Structure3C newsletter! I hope everyone had a restorative summer. I’m personally looking forward to the buzz of activity and conferences that fall brings with it.
This month’s newsletter focuses on two topics that may seem contradictory: AI and purpose.
Please let me explain: AI has become the buzziest of buzzwords, sure. The reality is that some form of AI is also slowing being woven into every digital experience we encounter. I see AI as one of a handful of exponential technologies that, at it’s best, enables human agency, potential and purpose. We are just beginning to see AI applied to online community context - you will see examples in the preview from our recent primary research below.
And what about the role of purpose in online communities? We’ve historically been told that a community’s purpose must be clearly articulated to members, but as community builders we’ve stopped short of enabling member’s to discover, refine and actualize their purpose through communities and networks. This is an unfortunate oversight and also a massive opportunity to create value and positive outcomes in the near future. Please see below for my recent blog post, video and slide deck on the power of Transformational Purpose in online communities.
Lastly, I’m gathering a small group of curious and adventurous souls for an ad hoc mastermind - every Friday morning at 9am PDT. We are going deep on an emerging community topic (AI, blockchain, analytics, ecosystems & more). If you would like to be on the list, please reach out:
415.299.9638 |

AI & Online Communities
Communities & AI / Agents / Automation: Report Preview (newsletter subscriber exclusive)
Communities and Transformational Purpose
Purpose Will Save Us From Social Media
ExO Community & Crowd: Storyboard
Exponential Organizations: Community and Crowd - YouTube
Exponential Organizations: Community and Crowd - YouTube
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Bill Johnston

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