The Cohere Newsletter

By Bill Johnston

Exploring the future of human networks & communities

Exploring the future of human networks & communities

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⚡️The Cohere Newsletter: Fresh Starts, Peak Social and the M word

Our shared digital spaces have become an essential part of life during the last 2 COVID-restricted years. And while these spaces have connected us during some of our most challenging moments, social media platforms, in particular, have played a role in exacer…


⚡️ The Cohere Newsletter: Covid & Collaboration, A Perspective on Community Value

We've had two recent episodes of the Cohere podcast that I felt were just outstanding: Charlene Li and Nancy White, from their own perspectives, discussing the impact of the pandemic on our communities, culture, and work.


The Cohere Newsletter #8 - Should we talk about blockchain? We should probably talk about blockchain.

---Thanks for reading! Got feedback? Questions? Feel like going deeper on this topic? - feel free to drop me a line: Onward,BillPS: although things are looking up, I know many are really stressed and struggling. If you need support, pleas…


The Cohere Newsletter #7: A Focus On Network Science and Public Spaces

You can check out highlights of Season 1 of the podcast here:Navigating the Global Broadband Internet’s Opportunities & Vulnerabilities with Jim CashelThe Role of AI in Online Communities and Networks with Venessa PaechCreating Connection in the Time of C…


Structure3C News: AI & Community Research, Power of Transformational Purpose

Dear Communiteers,Welcome to the late summer edition of the Structure3C newsletter! I hope everyone had a restorative summer. I'm personally looking forward to the buzz of activity and conferences that fall brings with it. This month's newsletter focuses on t…


Structure3C Community News: Collaborative Innovation, Health Communities, AI + Communities Research

It's certainly an exciting time in the community space, with social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook repositioning themselves as community hosts, while many hosted communities (commercial and non) continuing to experience growth. The community platform mar…


Structure3C News: The Future of Community, Crowdsourcing & Collaborative Innovation

Spring has sprung and I've noticed something beside pollen in the air: increased investment in online communities. The platform providers I've talked to are claiming increased demand since the beginning of the year, and the organizations I'm talking to (brand…


Structure3C News: The Future of Networks | AI & Communities

Last week I was in Washington D.C. to lead my team of Rand Fellows as we presented our community research findings to the Life Reimagined Institute. Our research project involved creating a small community with 120 people and guiding the community through a c…


Communities of Purpose | Network Design Sprints

As I mentioned above, I’m currently working a select list of clients to create network business models and build amazing communities. If you would like to schedule some time to talk about how I can help, please drop me a note:


Structure3C | Crowd Economy News & Best Reads - Week Ending Dec 4, 2015

Greetings everyone! Thank you for being a subscriber to this newsletter. I'm trying out a new platform (Revue), and I'd love to get your feedback.Below are of my key learnings and best-of content from the week - all of these hand-picked and have been of value…