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Startup Project - Linearly Non Linear, YC Valuations & New Conversation

Startup Project - Linearly Non Linear, YC Valuations & New Conversation
By Nataraj • Issue #7 • View online
Hi Everyone,
In Startup Project podcast I talked to Shruti Gandhi, GP of Ascend Ventures. She was an engineer turned solo GP. Shruti invests in B2B enterprise companies at pre-seed stage. Check out our full conversation here.
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Linearly Non Linear
One of my principles in life is to continuously be “Linearly Non Linear”. That is to continuously attempt (be linear) to do things that might result in non-linear outcomes. This principle defines a lot of things I do from writing, to investing to making a podcast. Everyone should find a system that allows them to linearly be non linear. Its not straightforward but internet allows you do find your path to it.
YC Valuations
As part of my investing journey, I have interacted with at least 15+ founders from the recent YC batch. Its true the valuations are high. There are couple reasons for this apart from YC being a globally known brand giving legitimacy to a startup.
  • There are now a large number of individual investors, solo capitalists, syndicates, angel investors and micro funds who are making up a YC round. This allows startups raise capital much easily.
  • Founders are thinking they can name their price and get it. This resulted in some absurdly high numbers incase of “hot” areas like Web3 or Fintech.
After evaluating about 20 companies, even though I liked a bunch of them based on the teams and the ideas they are working. I couldn’t invest, not because I dint want to, but because the demand at these high valuations is still very much alive and well.
That’s it for this edition, adios!
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