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Idea & strategies behind tech, product & startups.

Idea & strategies behind tech, product & startups.

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What will happen to Zepto?

Before getting into new issue about Zepto, listen and review Startup Project podcast.If you have not heard before about it till now, Zepto is an Indian startup that delivers groceries in 10mins. You heard it right they claim (attempt or try and do deliver in …


Brands Can Die

In this issue I want to talk about brands. They are everywhere from movie star brands to chicken soup brands. They are hard to create but also easy recognize. Some brands are willed into existence like A16Z, while some brands are pure consistent performance o…


Startup Project - Linearly Non Linear, YC Valuations & New Conversation

One of my principles in life is to continuously be "Linearly Non Linear". That is to continuously attempt (be linear) to do things that might result in non-linear outcomes. This principle defines a lot of things I do from writing, to investing to making a pod…


Startup Project by Nataraj - Bear.Tax

⚡New Episode Alert⚡As NFTs, DeFi, AltCoins are being adopted, one of the main issue individuals, investors and businesses face is navigating the complex tax system. Bear.Tax is a startup that is solving this exact problem for the global crypto consumers of al…


Startup Project: Subscription Updates

I have recently invested in Kaagaz, one of the Indian companies in the current YC W22 batch. Here is the deal memo I have written for Kaagaz. For confidentiality reasons, I have left out certain parts of the memo.Deal Memo: Kaagaz from YC W22 (Kaagaz means pa…


BMB: Snackable Business Model Breakdowns - Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a social-audio app that enables users to create and join real-time live conversations. Any user with a data connection from anywhere in the world can use the clubhouse app on their android or IOS app to create a new live room or join an existing …


BMB: Snackable Business Model Breakdowns - Canva

“Everything artificial is designed.” - Dan Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things


#2 BMB: Snackable Business Model Breakdowns -

What is Maven?Maven is a platform that enables instructors to launch and run their cohort based classes successfully.Cohort Based Classes are virtual versions of a regular classes in real life. Last decade of learning on internet was auto-didactic. Anyone who…


BMB: Snackable Business Model Breakdowns -

Business Model: Italic is different from a regular e-commerce company.They are a membership-only business with an annual membership of $60.They deliver luxury brand-level quality apparel & accessories at 50% of the cost or less.Italic makes money from the…