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Protect your data and your face

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Protect your data and your face
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Civil liberty groups including the EFF, ACLU, Freedom House, NYOB, Privacy International, Epicenter and Reclaim Your Face (to name a few) are fighting to protect people’s rights against government and private use of facial recognition.
What is at stake is the misuse and abuse of bio-metric data to profile, monitor and criminally charge individuals. Due to backlash and rising public awareness, IBM announced that it would stop selling, researching, or developing facial-recognition services. Followed by Amazon and Microsoft stating that they would not sell facial-recognition services or products to state and local police departments, pending federal regulation.
However, companies like Clearview AI that claim to have built “the largest known database of 3+ billion facial images,“ continue to scrape social media and the Internet — selling your face to law enforcement authorities and private businesses.
So, what can you do? Firstly, be mindful of how and where you share images of your face and the faces of others online. To help with this we created the "Go Private” Instagram filter to anonymize your face in posts and stories (see below for full details and examples). Try it out and tag @startpage and Secondly, follow the organizations we listed above to support their efforts to improve legislation to protect your face!
Go private!
- The Startpage team


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