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Privacy tipping points and the new year ahead

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Privacy tipping points and the new year ahead
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In this all-digital age, it’s easy to forget that our personal data is actually ours. This precious online data – banking information, photos, what we search for, what we buy – is created by and unique to each of us.
Startpage’s mission is to raise awareness of people’s worldwide right to privacy. To do so, this month we’re sharing the Privacy Tipping Points timeline featuring data collection’s most dangerous historical moments. Please follow along with us and send us your privacy tipping point moments as well.
Finally, we are at a critical tipping point in time now; we know what happens with our data, we know the consequences and we have the resources and tools to take back control of what is rightfully ours. We ask that you help inform your community about how they can take back control of their personal data and to demand proper legislation/ enforcement of personal data protection.


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