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Have you tried our new private language translator?

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Have you tried our new private language translator?
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2021 has been full of progress for our private search engine, launching new international features including Private Shopping, Private Currency Converter and Private Stocks. The latest addition to Startpage’s privacy-safe features is Private Language Translator. 
The new feature supports the autodetection of 109 languages and can simply be activated by entering “translate” into the Startpage search box. The goal of Startpage’s Private Language Translator is to create an opportunity for some of those billions of personal messages and text translations to be processed without passing a person’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 
And finally, like all searches on Startpage a person’s IP Address and personal data are all removed per search, ensuring there is never a trace or history of their activity. As we continue to build out our ecosystem of private search alternatives, Startpage’s mission is to ensure that everyone has the option to search and browse the Internet without surveillance. Is there a private feature you’d like our team to explore? Please let us know!


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