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Are you paying more online?

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Are you paying more online?
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Ahead of your holiday gift shopping, we wanted to shine a light on the invisible threat of “dynamic pricing” and “price trackers.” Prices have been found to range from 10-50% based on a person’s IP Address location, device type, search history and more.
In a Harvard comparison study, researches found that a company was charging customers three different prices, at the same time for the same product solely based on their geographic location.
The Internet has given online retailers tremendous opportunities to collect data on customer behavior and target people for different prices. Startpage is here to remind you that you have the power to take some of that control back by searching and browsing on our private search engine.
We hope you’ll share this important, money saving truth with your friends and family this holiday season.


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Startpage community
Great article on government surveillance-- that needs to be stopped. Look at your location's general surveillance systems on this web site (from the article). The data is incomplete in this atlas, so surveillance may be happening, but not listed yet.
Tyler Holman
Ever visit websites based in the EU? Their strict data privacy laws require those sites to be extremely transparent about user data:
"unless you click 'NO' we will definitely track your web activity and sell your data to the highest bidder"
Germán López
Please read it before your next Internet search
Time to Pardon Edward Snowden?
John Jackson on LinkedIn
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