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News, analysis, and opinion on tech policy, governance, security, and economics.

News, analysis, and opinion on tech policy, governance, security, and economics.

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Overcoming the Obstacles in Locally Driven Development

The most important and interesting articles from the sources we're monitoring on Monday, May 9, 2022.


This Week Was All About Facebook

A curated selection of articles about Facebook's no-good very bad week and how US policy makers might make the situation better for the rest of us.


Social Media vs. Democracy and more: If you read nothing else for Sept. 30, 2021

Good morning! Today’s top articles include research on the top 8 concerns around social media’s impact on society, a breakdown of the legal issues facing then Jan. 6 investigation, an overview of the security (or lack thereof) of the Internet of Things, and a…


If You Don't Read Anything Else: Top Morning Reads for Sept. 29, 2021

Good morning! Here are three articles we think you should read featuring some of the best research and analysis on the issues shaping today's headlines.


Proposal: Putting Cyber Criminals Out of Business

I have a rather odd memory from middle school (I think, though, after the past year-and-a-half, what is time, really?). In some magazine that I found either at my grandparents house or in our school library, there was an article from a pair of reformed burgla…


Behind the News: Digital Infrastructure

It’s infrastructure week! Here are a couple of expert perspectives on the digital infrastructure provisions in the bill poised to pass in Congress.


Background Reading: Social Media Content Moderation and Section 230

Recent articles on Section 230 and efforts at controlling misinformation online.


Proposal: A Few Simple Reforms to Section 230

There have been a flurry of discussions about the need to reform Section 230, a US law shielding internet companies from liability for content posted by users (third-party content). The intent of Section 230 was to encourage content moderation by making it su…


Behind the News: Sources and Analysis from the Week Ending in July 23

One of the biggest stories of the week was the joint finger pointing by the US and other governments at China for their actions in cyberspace. Our first set of sources include CISA releases of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), Tactics, Techniques, and Procedur…


Proposal: Tax the Data

Part of increasing competition, from a policy standpoint, is better understanding how a given market operates. One of the markets called out in the Biden EO on competition is “information platforms,” by which I believe the administration means businesses like…


Analysis: Biden's Executive Order on Competition

President Biden signed an executive order on July 9 aimed at “promoting competition in the American economy.” While the order covers a wide range of issues in a wide range of industries, it is clear from the language that the President and his lawyers feel co…