Scuba Conversational

By Simon Pridmore

A regular selection of news for divers, updates on what I've been working on, book previews and book reviews, links to features, articles and worthy websites, diving and travel plans and probably plenty of other things as we go along.

A regular selection of news for divers, updates on what I've been working on, book previews and book reviews, links to features, articles and worthy websites, diving and travel plans and probably plenty of other things as we go along.

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Scuba Conversational - Issue #38

National Geographic photographer David Doubilet put a two-minute video together recalling a trip he made to Kimbe Bay after a long gap - it's well worth a quick look, he does do very good work.


Scuba Conversational - Issue #37

To find out more check out the Evolution Diving website


Scuba Conversational - Issue #36

For more about Sea Rovers and Pemuteran, check out Paul's website here.


Scuba Conversational - Issue #35

The key event marking the arrival of technical diving in Asia was the 1996 Tek.Asia Conference, organised by Rainer Siegel and Barry Lee Brisco at Singapore's World Trade Centre. In those days, technical divers were a tiny community and pretty much everybody …


Scuba Conversational - Issue #34

We met Jan Brown via Jen Darby, a friend who lives in Bali, runs dive travel company Liveaboard Adventures and contributed the story of her unusual diving career path to the Alternatives to Instruction chapter in Scuba Professional. Jan Brown came into scuba …


Scuba Conversational - Issue #33

The Dutch built towns and trading bases in Taiwan in the 17th century (see map below), until they were chased out by Ming Dynasty hero / pirate Koxinga – events that are still remembered today in Tainan, Xiaoliuqiu and elsewhere.


Scuba Conversational - Issue #32

If you want to find out more about the Hong Kong Geopark, here's the link. It's quite an attraction!


Scuba Conversational - Issue #31

To visit and dive the Banda Islands, one option is to find a dive liveaboard with an itinerary running between Ambon and either Sorong (Raja Ampat), Maumere (Flores) or Alor (east of Flores). Of course check the schedule carefully to make sure the trip includ…


Scuba Conversational - Issue #30

Continuing the boat theme, my column in the latest issue of DiveLog Australasia is a brief guide to liveaboard diving taken from a chapter in Scuba Confidential. Here's the link to the issue - as always it's a great read and completely free.


Scuba Conversational - Issue #29

This is the ballroom deep inside the Ginnie Springs cave (photo credit -


Scuba Conversational - Issue #28

Here is the result of all our efforts.


Scuba Conversational - Issue #27

The guide book I took Tim's pic from.


Scuba Conversational - Issue #26

Bali is open but understandably it is not the same as it was . In some respects this is great for visitors in 2022. The streets are quieter, the main roads are less busy and there are fewer crowds at the famous sights and popular dive locations. But there are…


Scuba Conversational - Issue #25

"The first course consisted of 12 dives and a total of over 14 hours (883 minutes) of in-water time. The deepest depth reached was 33m (110ft) and the longest single dive lasted 127 minutes. The air temperature was around 5 degrees C (41F), the water temperat…


Scuba Conversational - Issue #24

And this is where to get it. The Blurb page has an excellent and substantial look inside feature


Scuba Conversational - Issue #23

In April 1987, Klaus P Lindemann arrived in Palau for a diving holiday with Fish ‘n Fins. Lindemann was the German marketing manager for a chemicals company in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was also the author of Hailstorm over Truk Lagoon, a comprehensive book on t…


Scuba Conversational - Issue #22

Day 1 of diving! Morning of lectures about pressure and the dangers of blowing out your lungs with compressed air and then to the pool where I had to swim 200 metres and tread water for 10 minutes. We hung out underwater for 10 minutes and I had a really hard…


Scuba Conversational - Issue #21

At a time when, it seems, people all over the world are changing jobs, looking for new challenges, perhaps even anticipating the revival of tourism in 2022, this feature from X-Ray magazine from a couple of years ago about running a dive centre is worth a loo…


Scuba Conversational - Issue #20

Avandy Djunaidi is the owner of Bali International Dive Professionals, a scuba diving operation in Sanur, Bali. In his own small but highly effective way he is inspiring a sea change in attitudes towards the disabled in Indonesia. In 2009, after completing an…


Scuba Conversational - Issue #19

Here's how I introduce Triton Bay in our Diving & Snorkeling Guide.“Solitary peaks jutting through the surface, vaguely mushroom shaped and covered in patches of green, the roots of the trees and lesser foliage visible on the stone, the first few feet abo…