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Shalev Lifshitz - Spring Newsletter


Shalev Lifshitz - Newsletter

July 21 · Issue #8 · View online

AI Researcher & Entrepreneur

16 years old, Canadian, and striving to develop the future of technology.
With a passion for Artificial Intelligence and entrepreneurship, I am working to create solutions for some of Canada’s top hospitals such as:
  • developing artificially intelligent diagnostic and drug discovery systems,
  • a new method to track and assist patients and their caregivers and,
  • a remote system to collect metrics from stay-at-home patients.
Meanwhile, at the University of Waterloo, I am developing a new image search technique to assist pathologists in cancer diagnosis as well as a new Artificial Neural Network that aims to be a more realistic abstraction of the human brain; furthering the community’s efforts in reaching human-level artificial intelligence.
My goal? To spark the next wave of human innovation and help humanity along the road to a new evolutionary step.

Speaking at Microsoft and OMS
In April and May, I was part of two panels. One at Microsoft’s head office and the other at Operation Medical School (OMS) at the University of Toronto. In both cases, I spoke to a room full of young innovators about innovation in technology and how youth can strive to make an impact by working with their passions.
Big thanks to Microsoft, Fair Chance Learning, and OMS for hosting such insightful sessions!
Summer at Kimia Lab - University of Waterloo
During the summer, I will be continuing my Neural Network research at Kimia Lab while working on an exciting new research project: an image search engine for pathologists that expedites the cancer diagnosis process and increases diagnosis accuracy.
Come back next newsletter for some exciting updates!
Speaking at meConvention in Germany
My research into creating new Artificial Neural Networks to behave more like the human brain made me realize that human-level AI is a gray area which is mostly discussed at only the surface level.
In September, I will be speaking at me Convention, a large tech conference in Frankfurt, Germany, about the technical and social implications of human-level AI.
I consolidated my research into an effective talk that will showcase the work being done to achieve human-level AI (including my research), what it might look like, the new technological possibilities that human-level AI will introduce, as well as the dangers that may arise and what we must do to prepare for our intelligent future.
I believe that these are the topics we must be discussing and the questions we must be asking now, if we want to ensure a positive future for humanity!
Let's Connect!
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My Favorite Quote:
“I still struggle with the same problems as ten years ago. I succeed in small matters but the real goal remains unattainable, even though it sometimes seems palpably close. It is hard yet rewarding: hard because the goal is beyond my abilities, but rewarding because it makes one oblivious to the distractions of everyday life.”
- Albert Einstein to Otto Juliusburger (September 28, 1937)
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